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Document flow and BPM

Business processes management (BPM)

Improve your company performance and simplify daily operations (optimally build your work processes)


The system allows to effectively solve problems

The system will help you build any business processes, easily monitor and manage them

Modeling and processes description in graphical form (BPMN 2.0 notation)

Construction of arbitrary routes, sequential-parallel processing, approval and inspection of documents

Use any business rules for the staged document processing

Control access to processes based on a role model

Analysis, monitoring and supervision functions for selected processes

Business Process Performance Indicators (KPIs) calculation

Providing the concept "Business process inside ERP, Workflow inside ERP"

The basis of effective company management is well-built and automated business processes.

SmartManager solution is aimed primarily at reengineering and optimizing electronic document management processes, and not just at automating existing processes

To do this, a convenient designer is built into the IT-Enterprise platform, which allows you to quickly set up any process, while the SmartManager solution allows you to manage all processes.


of our system

Optimally aligned electronically regulated workflows

Simplifying routine operations due to automation and avoiding unnecessary actions

Improving interaction at the intersection of areas (production, accounting, finance, personnel ....) by building flow-through processes

Reducing the processing time for any documents by several times

Transparency of processes and improving performance quality

Accessibility and manageability – processes are always available from any mobile device

A powerful tool for the administrator for modeling new processes, customizing and adapting current processes, providing access

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our business proposal
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