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Document flow and BPM

Document flow & business processes key performance indicators (KPI)

Find bottlenecks in paperwork and business processes, and increase the efficiency of your employees


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Business Data Analysis Tools will allow you to regularly monitor the processing of documents and tasks, promptly identify hidden issues and optimize your workflow

Analytical reporting on document workflow

Monitoring the execution status of documents and tasks in the context of the enterprise, departments and individual business processes.

Analysis of personnel workload and management

Assessment of the executive discipline level, obtaining KPI for financial motivation of staff

Providing analytical information for making managerial decisions (reengineering and optimizing processes)

Business analytics is a tool with which you can make all processes in a company more transparent and provide the most complete information to a manager to make the decisions, and this can be the main competitive advantage of a modern company.

The main task of business analytics is the transformation of large amounts of unstructured data into meaningful and useful information for making business decisions.

This is especially true for the direction of ECM, because all the content in the company is semi-structured information and it is simply impossible to do without business analysis tools.

For any employee of the company, an analytical assessment of the results of the processing of its content, which is always at hand, can be useful and help improve the efficiency of its activities.

It can be various data sets presented in the form of accessible and understandable graphs, diagrams, etc.

For example:

  • Analysis of the total volume of documents in the context of the "processing stage" with the percentage of overdue tasks, documents processed for a certain period of time. It may be supplemented by displaying the rating of bona fide performers or, conversely, not very faithful.
  • Analytics in the context of documents (of a separate division or a company as a whole) in the form of a pie chart with a breakdown of the total number by categories: overdue, planned for the week, generally scheduled to work
  • Visualization of content processing results for all company processes:

    - average processing time by document type

    - specification by months where the movements of documents were performed

    - average processing time for the period in the context of employees

    - total number of processed documents for the period in the context of employees



of our system

The business analysis toolkit is simple, user-friendly and accessible for use without any knowledge of programming required

The dashboard provides visibility and efficiency of presentation of key indicators on document flow, tasks and business processes

“On-the-fly” data analysis, a quick drill-down to the data sources, changing the breakdown of information to be analyzed on a mouse click

Transparency of all steps of business processes – from creating draft documents to approval, signing and execution of tasks by end executors

Quickly determining “bottle-necks” in the processes

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