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Sales planning

We will help to automate sales management operations, from accepting customer orders to shipment of products


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Contract management automation, single registry creation, electronic approval and visualization

Registration of contracts and changes to them in the general registry

Electronic agreements approval

Contract texts generation on the base of selected template

Maintaining specifications for contracts

Formation of acts of reconciliation for contracts

Execution control by sums and nomenclature

Personal responsibility of managers at all stages of the life cycle of the contract

Sales planning at the enterprise determines the planned production volumes of finished products, taking into account current stocks, sales plan, insurance inventories, seasonal insurance stocks, open (approved production orders) in the context of product groups.

IT-Enterprise solution allows to:

  • keep track of orders
  • use the electronic document flow process of making orders and shipping products
  • perform summary analysis of the shipment of products for arbitrary periods

Automation of sales management processes

  • Modeling and optimization of sales management business processes
  • Centralized storage of customer relationship history
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Organization of clear and coherent communication chains in sales processes
  • Operational monitoring of the work of sales staff
  • Segmentation of customers in order to create a flexible approach to sales processes

End-to-end order management

The main planning and accounting unit in the management system is the order (request) of the buyer. IT-Enterprise system supports end-to-end accounting at all stages of the passage of orders for the services and departments of the enterprise:

  • even at the stage of receiving and processing a new order, selection of finished products is carried out (based on the order amount and its nomenclature)
  • for the new order products are reserved in the finished goods warehouse (either from the free stock or from other orders)
  • in case of absence or insufficient quantity of finished products, an application is filed into production for manufacturing products for this order
  • applications are automatically formed in PDO for the replenishment of the standard stocks of finished products in warehouses
  • minimum batches of product launch into production under a new order are determined
  • the needs are calculated and the shortage of basic materials necessary for order fulfillment is determined
  • applications are automatically generated in PDO for the replenishment of materials using various schemes for calculating the shortage of materials (based on the date of launch into production, launch priority, groups of interchangeable materials, etc.)
  • accounting for the manufacture of products for this order
  • accounting of product bundles for this order in stock
  • accounting for the shipment of products for this order

Accounting contracts for the supply of products

  • Quick and easy registration, storage and quick search of contracts, management of the processes of their preparation, approval and implementation
  • Contract planning and costing, results analysis
  • Monitoring the status of contracts
  • Cash flow planning, limiting expenses

Consolidated shipment analysis

IT-Enterprise system provides automated preparation of over 100 variants of tabular, cross-tabular and graphical reports. Among them the most popular are the following:

  • product groups and brands in units and value terms
  • shipment analysis by payers and consignees
  • analysis of shipment dynamics by groups/brands of products for different periods to different consignees and payers
  • analysis of shipment by type of payment - prepayment, offsetting, give-and-take raw materials, for sale, etc .
  • comparative analysis of shipment for various periods with cumulative results for a certain date, by groups and brands of products MTD, for the month, QTD, YTD, etc .
  • shipment analysis in comparable prices
  • analysis of shipment at actual prices in comparison with the base prices and cost of payers, sales managers, etc.

OLAP data analysis module can also be used to analyze product shipment


of our system

The time for documents approval shall be significantly saved The results of the summary analysis of products shipment allow making important decisions promptly

It is always possible to select the most comprehensive variant among the report variants (over 100) supplied

The efficiency of sales management shall increase, as the latest data on orders and products are always available

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