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Configuring the system and processes

The purpose of this stage is to set up an enterprise management system for approved business processes using the IT-Enterprise system.

To achieve this the Customer and the Contractor perform the following works:

  • Configuration and customization of the system taking into account the specifics of the Customer’s enterprise. Adjustment of individual modules (if provided by the estimate specification to the contract), the configuration of roles (system menu and access rights) to end-users.
  • Preparation and introduction of a reference example. The reference example should be based on real data, limited in volume (for example, one to two products for production and logistics tasks).
  • Run test sample - step-by-step performance of the corresponding functions of the system according to the model of business process "as it should be" on the prepared data.
  • Processing of the results of the run of the reference sample. Additional configuration of the system based on the results of the test run. Verification and check by the Customer of the results of additional configuration.
  • Development of working instructions describing the operation of the system for end-users in accordance with approved business processes.
  • Installation, adjustment, and testing of the required complexity of the hardware (CH).
  • Development of a detailed plan of measures for the implementation of the system.

The completion criterion of a stage is a successful execution of a reference example, indicating that the system is configured according to the business process model "to be".



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