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Technical documents flow management (TDM)

Provide storage of all technical documents in a unified information space; increase information storage reliability and confidentiality


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Classification of technical documents’ types of the whole enterprise or holding

Centralized storage of all technical documents of the enterprise or holding

Management of all technical documents’ approval business processes

Management of technical documents’ versions and amendments

Support of paper documents flow and accounting/identification of copies of the technical documents

Arranging access to the documents based on the rights and authorities

Visualization of technical documents without special software

A quick search of required technical documents by specified rules

Control over the unique character of documents in the archive of technical documents

Automate the technical documents’ and archives management through the following:

  • provide storage of all technical documents in one depository and in a unified information space
  • increase information storage reliability and confidentiality

The solution is designed for:

  • technical documents flow management, documents development, approval and amendments procedures management
  • organization and processing of various full function electronic archives of technical and other documents of various formats

The module fulfills the following functions

Regulation of all documents development, approval and amendments business processes

  • built-in Workflow – managing the tasks flow while creating, approving and amending technical documents
  • routing of documents’ approval procedures with a possibility of flexible route change within the documents flow
  • a special designer for visual designing of a random document route
  • annotation of documents
  • unified visualization of various documents
  • processing documents’ intermediate printing
  • “red pencil” technology

Building a single storage of engineering documents in a unified information space of industrial enterprises, design companies, holdings and trade houses with a diverse nomenclature (3D-models, blueprints, process documents, external specifications’ files, documents narratives, other documents of various formats etc.):

  • support of various types of electronic archives of different services (department of technical documents, chief designer department, chief process engineer / metallurgist / welder department, shop archives)
  • provision of centralized documents storage
  • operation of different formats of documents
  • single and complex documents management

Arranging access to the documents based on the rights and authorities:

  • automatic access by privacy marks, types of archives, types of users, categories of documents
  • access to the orders through a registrar
  • special tools for making restrictions on copying the documents
  • registration of all types of queries and releasing documents from the archive

Management of all business processes of technical documents approval:

  • routing both, single documents and groups of documents, as well as works and messages
  • support of free, pre-determined and mixed routing
  • integration of Workflow tools with groupware and email
  • management of absolute (calendar) and relative work schedules
  • process modeling and description in a graphic form (notation BPMN 2.0)
  • tools for summary analysis of works’ or documents’ status at any moment of time

Maintenance of paper document flow and registered copies:

  • a random number of archives by archive points (storage places for registered copies)
  • accounting by source documents, originals, registered copies, archive points, versions, subversions
  • accounting of registered copies issued to the employees of the enterprise
  • ensuring compliance of documents with the requirements of domestic standards

Service functions:

  • logging of work with archives
  • quick search by additional attributes
  • visual search of a document by contents
  • control over document versions and subversions
  • group downloading of documents
  • creation, approval and editing of documents
  • “red pencil” technology
  • quick view of documents
  • integration with application software
  • operating the archive via internet

of our system

An option of flexible setting of technical documents’ approval routes

Using the “red pencil” technology for technical documents review

The possibility to work with documents of various formats and volumes

The possibility to use both ES and EDS for signing the documents

Tolls for teamwork on viewing, verifying and approving new documents, as well as making amendments in previously approved documents

Unlimited depth of compound documents structure levels

Unlimited number of archives and types of technical documents

Possibility of automated generation of a complete set of documents for the product

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