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Traditional and renewable energy

Features of IT-Enterprise business solutions for companies that develop technologies and implement traditional, renewable energy projects and provide energy services.


Industry problems that our system solves

System of end-to-end planning and project management control.

Integration of business processes of project management with processes and documents.

Planning, execution, monitoring and control of projects.

Management of the implementation of new objects.

Role-based access of specialists only to parts of the project that are within the scope of competence.

Visualization of large amounts of data.

Automatic distribution of work plans and important reminders.

Consolidation of regulatory data of all project management units (requests for allowances, work orders).

Equipment control management in the mobile application: register and view the list of defects; move the order through the stages.

Automatic accounting of operating hours for the main equipment of the enterprise.

Automatic control of temperature, vibration, pressure.

Automatic accounting and classification of equipment downtime allows you to control its effectiveness.


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

online mode
in-depth analysis and evaluation of project implementation at each stage.
the analysis of resource needs in terms of their security and cost has been accelerated.
1.5 times
more accurately predicts the implementation of the plan.
2-3 times
reduces planning time.
178 parameters
controlled, which apply to 700 equipment models.

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Project Management System (SMS)

— Operational control.
— Monitoring the project implementation at each stage.
— Analysis and control of the scope of work and their timing.
— Verification of compliance of costs with the planned estimate
— Coordination of any number of projects with the common space of resources.

Project Management

— Integration of project management business processes with processes and documents.
— Interaction of different departments in a single space, covering the entire life cycle of the project from initiation to completion.
— Management of the implementation of new facilities in a single digital space and the methodology of structured planning WBS.

Predictive Maintenance

Analysis of indicators that are controlled automatically, collection of equipment inspection results, analysis of dynamics and trends allow to predict equipment failures.

Management of fixed assets (OVF). Technical unit

— Classifier of equipment, numbering of nodes, archive of technical documentation.
— Maintenance maps/labor standards, plans for detours and inspections of equipment, accounting and classification of downtime.
— Centralized and node-based planning, planning based on experience, management of applications for maintenance.

Management of fixed assets (OVF). Economic block

— Planning and accounting of resources.
— Management of the target stock of spare parts.
— Registration of the plan and the fact of expenses.

Management of fixed assets (OVF). Analytical unit

— Failure investigation/RCA analysis.
— Plan/fact cost analysis.
— BI-data analysis.
— Calculation of CTG and KIO.

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