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Procurements and logistics

Supply chain management (SCM)

Providing online information about current location and logistic costs for any cargo


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Strategic and operational supply chain planning

Agreements planning and enlarged schemes of products sales and raw materials purchases (planning deliveries commercial schemes)

Cargo delivery routes planning, route designer and typical logistics operations in the context of the Incoterms

Cost planning at all stages of the supply chain

Complete cycle of commercial registration, physical movement and control of expenses

Organization and accounting of products and raw materials physical movement on supply chains

Control of document flow throughout the supply chain (contract and documents, logistics documents) and accounting of actual costs for each chain of supply chain

Strategic planning of supply chains

  • Strategic planning provides forecasting based on mathematical statistics methods. Forecasting is executed by markets-countries-regions-sales and purchase channels - by tactical groups of products and raw materials.
  • Generation and analysis of strategic production plans is executed on the basis of strategic sales plans, integrated rationing of production resources, additional restrictions of warehouse logistics (warehouse restrictions, waiting time, best before dates, etc.), as well as other restrictions and standards.
  • Generation and analysis of strategic raw materials purchase plans is executed on the basis of strategic production and products sale plans, integrated raw materials and materials consumption rates, standards for reserve stock, restrictions on procurement cycles, as well as other restrictions and standards.
  • Planning deals and integrated products sales and raw materials purchase schedules is the basis for business processes of pre-contractual and contractual work.

When planning cargo supply routes, the following logistic directories shall be used in the system:

  • directory of typical supply routes (in relation to Incoterms supply terms)
  • directories of logistic objects: distribution centers, warehouses, ports, railway stations, border crossing points
  • directories of transportation types
  • directories of logistic standards: distances between logistic objects, duration of transportation, cost, tariffs of transportation

Planning, collection and cost analysis by costing items and cost centers shall be automatically completed over the whole supply chain:

  • planned costs may be calculated by various automated methods
  • when installing the system, over 80 typical cost items shall be delivered, such as transportation costs (by ships, railway, auto), freight forwarding costs, other costs (for insurance, customs clearance)

Key performance indicators and feasibility may be calculated considering various restrictions

A comprehensive analysis of the feasibility and efficiency of the generated plans provides the expert with a correct assessment for making management decisions. When calculating key performance indicators and feasibility, the following restrictions shall be applied:

  • restrictions on production capacity
  • restrictions on procurement cycles and volumes
  • restrictions on warehouse capacity
  • restrictions on transport networks capacity
  • restrictions on complex planned cost over the supply chain

The following shall be provided in order to arrange, manage and control the supply chains:

  • the full cycle of documents flow over the whole supply chain including contractual and logistic documents
  • organization and accounting of physical flow of products and raw materials over the supply chains
  • automatic creation of documents: contractual, actual cargo handling documents chains, other logistic documents (overweight acts, bills of lading, executive documents etc.)
  • accounting of actual cost over all areas of the supply chain
  • different versions of analytic reports delivered with the system shall allow you performing all actions to control the supply chains: dispatching the cargo through the supply chain, analyzing the accumulation of ship consignments in ports, analyzing balance for each logistics object and other reports

The following shall be completed in the system in order to analyze the performance of deals and supply chains:

  • calculation of actual cost of a supply batch or lot
  • analysis of planned/actual cost and expenditures shall be performed in different ways – by orders, cost analytics, by logistic objects
  • analysis of compliance with operational and long-term plans by random criteria: in sum equivalent, by nomenclature, for random periods, in different groups
  • other analytic reports shall provide full information for performance analysis for various periods

of our system

Automatic planning, collection and analysis of cost by costing items and cost centers over the whole supply chain

Automatic selection of the most reasonable route based on specified criteria – duration, cost, planned cost

Performance analysis of separate deals and supply chains as a whole based on plan-fact cost analysis

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