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Analytical reporting by various indicators

Financial statements formation

Data analysis from aggregated values to the primary original document

General ledger formation

Financial statements downloading for submission to the fiscal authorities

Accounting data testing

In IT-Enterprise reporting is performed on the basis of the "Journal of economic operations"

The journal of business transactions is formed on the basis of the generated entries to the primary documents on the accounting sites. The journal accumulates all accounting data on transactions: document numbers, dates of operations, electronic signatures, amounts, currency, debit, debit analysts, credit, credit analysts, content, etc.

Based on the Journal of economic operations are formed:

  • Analytical reporting (turnover balance sheet, account analysis, account card, analytics card, grid list, order logs)
  • Financial statements (balance sheet, statement of financial performance, statement of cash flows, report on equity, notes to financial statements)

Different views of the general ledger are available: turnovers, turnovers (debit-credit - grid), turnovers (credit-debit - grid), working balance (by debit), working balance (by credit), working balance (by debit - grid), working balance (by credit - grid), turnover balance for the entire period (by debit - grid), turnover balance for the entire period (by credit - grid), debit totals with credit decryption, credit totals with decoding.

IT-Enterprise provides flexible adjustment of analytical reporting.

Any report can include a selected list of available analytics with details to the primary document, which provides a detailed analysis of the selected total amount. Various reports can be generated, including a basic table report with a built-in hierarchy, a mechanism for moving from indicators to the primary drill-down document and uploading to MS Excel.

Analytical reporting allows online monitoring of the status of all accounts (synthetic and analytical) for balances and turnover, and on this basis to quickly receive summary reports

  • All reports use uniform rules for managing filters and groupings: analytics, arbitrary periods, offsetting accounts, source documents, templates, etc.
  • In a single view combined accounting data and inventory registers.
  • This allows you to find and eliminate accounting errors
  • In a single view, combined quantitative and cost accounting
  • Forms of statements are interactive: from each final position you can by successive transitions get to the source document
  • Interactive reports are presented in Excel spreadsheets

Regulatory Reporting Designer

The system uses a special constructor for setting up, calculating and printing the regulatory reporting forms (financial, tax, statistical). The designer has simple tools for customizing the appearance of forms, as well as algorithms for calculating their indicators. The customization tools are directly user oriented. Forms are prepared in the format and means of MS Excel.

When describing algorithms for calculating form indicators, a large number of functions of the internal library are used. These functions allow you to get any indicators from the accounting circuit and operational management circuits.

By means of the designer of the regulatory reporting, reports are uploaded in the approved formats for subsequent loading into the reporting programs.

The system allows you to automate the preparation of reporting forms in accordance with current legislation.

The list of reporting forms supplied with the system is constantly updated and is determined by current legislation.

Testing accounting data

Testing is intended to verify accounting and helps the user at any time to obtain summary and detailed information about the correctness of the data:

  • control of accounting registers status
  • testing account balances
  • control of closing accounts
  • control for the presence of mandatory regulatory documents
  • balance currency check
  • control of balances
  • control of admissible correspondence of accounts, etc.

of our system

A powerful analytic reporting tool

A large set of pre-configured analytic reports

A flexible customization of reporting formats

An option to specify summary data in the "drill-down" mode down to the primary document

Deep integration of the tax accounting module with all modules of the system

Generation of financial reporting in compliance with the legislation shall be provided

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