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Orders and accounts management

We will help "on time" orders execution. Accelerating orders execution, reducing customer requests response time, increasing the proportion of timely executed orders


The system allows to effectively solve problems

coordinating applications with clients business process and internal services of the enterprise optimization

Through business process from customer's request to shipment

Analysis of composition, availability and product reservation

Work with analogues and characteristics

Manage customer requirements for products

Accelerate ordering with technical services

Mobility. Customer orders on-line management (mobile applications, chat bots)

Synchronization of order fulfillment and payments

Tracking the status of orders

The Promise Window, which you can trust, are real orders terms

The "expert evaluations" method

"CRP/APS/MES methodology" for calculating the terms taking into account the orders that are accepted and those that are already in the implementation of the current and forecast loading of the equipment, the provision of materials and other resources

"S&OP methods" for calculating the "window of communication" based on the plan of sales and operations

On-line operational control of manufacturing products for managers and clients

Reducing terms of delivery

Complete delivery business process optimization

Logistics processes optimization with the use of address storage, identification and data collection terminals

Manage the stages of product delivery

Transport management

Automation as a way of organizing and controlling the process and reducing unproductive personnel time wastes

Management of mutual settlements and debts

Planning and monitoring of financial obligations to events

Control of mutual settlements, planning of receipts

Financial control during shipment

Managerial accounts receivable and accounts payable

An enterprise with well-established chain of client order management increases production volumes, increases customer loyalty, attracts additional orders. All this has a positive effect on the profits of the enterprise.

The sale process can be described by a sequence of logically and chronologically related actions (activities) that form a business transaction. The scenario of these actions forms the model of the business process of sale.

In order to meet the growing demand for quality, variety and availability of products in the context of reducing the duration of the production cycle, companies need to review their business processes, aligning them with customer needs. As a result, effective processes are formed that facilitate the coordination of activities in the formation of customer demand, as well as in its satisfaction.

The objectives of this block are:

  • Optimization, reengineering and automation of corporate business processes in sales management and supply chain of finished products
  • Increased speed of order fulfillment, reduced response time to customer requests
  • The organization of operational sales management in real time
  • Increasing the information integration of the functional units of the enterprise, accelerating the documentation flow between them

IT-Enterprise system supports end-to-end accounting at all stages of the passage of orders for the services and departments of the enterprise

  • End-to-end business process of receiving and coordinating customer orders - from the first contact through production and before shipment to the customer
  • Processing customer requirements at all stages of the life cycle of orders (requirements for packaging, on custom lengths, windings, colors of insulation and CCC, tolerance)
  • Reservation of products in warehouses according to customer requirements
  • Unified pricing rules and discount system (price calculation from LME, cumulative discounts, fixed discounts, small order charges, markups for unwinding, markups for delivery, inclusion of additional services in the cost of PPC, mode “deal modeling”)
  • Calculation of profitability and "economy" of the deal
  • Formation of bills and commercial offers
  • Business processes of control and negotiation of the terms of the deal depending on the powers of the manager (allowable discount percentages)
  • Management of orders for production - for orders of customers, orders "to the warehouse", additional order "to typical lengths"
  • Shipping management and financial control during shipping
  • Managing tasks for the complete set and shipment
  • Control of fulfillment of orders at all stages - availability of stock, inclusion in production, preparation for shipment, shipment
  • Analysis of shipment in various contexts (segments, managers, countries, regions, PPC groups)

of our system

Increasing the level of customer service

Reducing orders’ acceptance and approval terms

Increasing the number of orders completed in time

Service for improving clients’ loyalty

Increasing the % of customer satisfaction

Reducing order-picking and shipment time

Improving coordinated functioning of the sales, planning, procurement, financial, production services

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