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Logistics and transportation

Features of IT-Enterprise business solutions for transport and logistics companies engaged in the processing of bulk cargo and for companies that have a fleet of cars, handling equipment and lifting devices. For operators of logistics, transportation services.


Industry problems that our system solves

Port logistics — to increase the efficiency of port logistics management.

Electronic document management — reducing the time of documents.

E-procurement integration with Ukrzaliznytsia.

Single window accounting and financial accounting.

Integration with Ukrzaliznytsia.

Single information space.


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

2 times
the number of dispatchers at Poltava GOK (Ferrexpo) decreased.
3 times
to reduce the time of passing documents in the port of "Olvia".
increased cargo handling in the port of Olvia Insurance Company.
the record of cargo processing achieved before the introduction of the e-Port information system has been exceeded.

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Business Intelligence (BI)

Analysis of the work of motor transport in the following sections:
— Volume of motor services provided to customers;
— Performance indicators of motor transport;
— The efficiency of loading the company's fleet.


— Optimized cargo handling processes;
— Effective monitoring and asset management introduced;
— Increased efficiency of inventory management;
— Increased level of security and management.


Integration of companies into global cargo supply chains.

Single window

Combines forwarders, owners, agents, a stevedoring company and regulatory authorities into a single business process for exchanging electronic documents.

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