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Operational financial management

Manage enterprise finances in real time based on reliable revenue and expenditure information.


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Planning, execution, controlling and optimization of financial flows

Payment schedules generation based on real terms of payments with tracking of contractual payment deadlines

Operational gathering, approval of payment applications

Registers of accounts for payment creation

Generation and balancing of payment calendars

Management of cash flow limits

Control over execution of budgets of cash flow

Мariance analysis of payments and receipts

Confirmation of mutual settlements with clients

This business process includes the automation of operational financial calculations (the treasury of an enterprise, a holding):

  • creating requests to make payments, fixing limit holders in the requests, cash flow budget (CFB) costs, generating payments by dates to calendar plan requests (incl. by contract payment terms, specifications)
  • approval of requests for payment with budget control
  • creating requests for funds receipt, fixing in limit holder requests, CFB costs, generating receipts by dates to calendar plan requests
  • generation and approval of payment registers per day
  • creating and approving over-limit requests for payment, ensuring the procedure of approval

Making payments:

  • distribution of cash available for payment in the registry
  • generation of payment orders
  • connection with Client-Bank system: export of payment orders, import of bank statements
  • financial processing of bank statements

Analysis of the operational payment calendar:

  • daily analysis, cumulative analysis
  • plan-actual analysis
  • dynamics analysis
  • analysis of actual income and expenditure, including expenditure on over-limit orders

of our system

A flexible adjustment and setting of “bottle-neck” indicators with financial risk hazard

Automatic generation of payments and allocation of bank statements

A multiple-factor schedule for prioritizing and effecting payments

Automatic and manual assignment of tasks for financial support of operations

Highlighting urgent payments and different payments’ statuses

An option of editing financial flows based on modeling “what if” scenarios

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