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Procurements and logistics

Management of tenders

Save up to 30% of the procurements budget


The system allows to effectively solve problems

A comprehensive solution for managing business processes of holding tenders and arranging electronic trading

Arranging and optimizing the business process of holding multi-product trading in several steps

Multi-criteria winner selection system – an automated method for selecting the winner based on the analysis of evaluation criteria

An efficient work tool for the security service and supply department for accreditation (admission or non-admission) of suppliers to participate in tenders

Management of attachments and tender documents (blueprints, sketches, specifications etc., generating and sending requests)

Implementing a competitive procurement system – selection of alternative goods and materials (substitutes) and suppliers in goods and materials procurement tenders

Economic value analysis of procurement activities

Management of tenders shall be carried out according to the following procedure

  • Preparation of regulatory information for the management of tender procedures involves development of a classification of contractors, tendering strategies by groups of materials and services, criteria for evaluating commercial offers
  • Accreditation of suppliers of the enterprise for admission to tenders. Accreditation may be executed through a web application.
    Commencement of the tender. A tender table shall be generated for each tender, where the type of tender, evaluation criteria, the deadline for submission and consideration of offers are determined
  • Holding a tender. After the tender is commenced, the information about the tender may be uploaded to the corporate website of the enterprise and the collection and registration of commercial offers and variants (editions) of commercial offers shall be arranged
  • Preparation for the tender board evaluation. A tender sheet shall be generated, where the commercial offers of different suppliers are compared and the winner of the tender is automatically determined by the specified criteria. After the tender board confirms the results of the tender, the information about the winner shall be registered in the system and notifications shall be generated
  • Preparing and concluding the contract. A contract shall be concluded and/or a purchase order shall be approved with the successful tenderer

In addition, for conducting tender procedures, IT-Enterprise offers the official online platform, It is certified for all four levels of accreditation in compliance with the law of Ukraine "About public procurements".

The platform is integrated with Prozorro system, therefore the information about the tender shall appear on the other platforms integrated with Prozorro system, after it is placed on


of our system

Transparent and open tendering procedures

Avoiding non-price competitive practices of the suppliers

Reducing the cost of purchased goods and materials and services

Increasing the number of suppliers

A significant saving of personnel work hours

Minimizing the influence of human factor onto procurement activities

Selecting a supplier without a manager

Improving the quality and efficiency of procurements

Individual design and flexibility

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