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Business processes management (BPM)

We will help to automate business process management and reduce the time for their implementation


The system allows to effectively solve problems

"Transparent" execution of orders for clients and managers, optimization of processes based on real indicators

Notifications of clients and management on the order execution (control points - acceptance, agreement, change of terms, passage in production)

CRM control - sales funnel, analysis of the reasons for the order refusal, repeatability analysis, deviation from the typical conditions, etc.

Checking the order status

 Control of the actual implementation of the sales plan

Delivery analysis - by margin, counteragents, regions, managers, etc.

IT-Enterprise system uses the concept of process management of an organization (BPM), which considers business processes as special resources of an enterprise, continuously adapted to constant changes, and relies on such principles as:

  • clarity and visibility of business processes in an organization due to their modeling using formal notations
  • use of software for modeling, simulation, monitoring and analysis of business processes
  • possibility of dynamic rebuilding of business process models by the participants and software systems

The most important task in the implementation of business processes is to build an effective system for processing relevant documents. For this, a business process designer is provided in IT-Enterprise system using BPMN 2.0 notation. It allows you to simulate and describe the workflow process in a descriptive, graphical form.

The following is performed during the execution of the business process:

  • step by step processing of documents; an employee is responsible for each step assigned to them
  • visual monitoring of each step, including viewing the entire history of work on the document
  • approval of documents with a flexible definition of the order of approval (parallel, sequential)
  • presentation of the results of approval in a convenient form (the sheet of approval can be both electronic and paper with facsimile)
  • work with documents and their versions, as well as enclosed documents on site with the subsequent formation of the final version
  • the use of digital signatures in the development, approval of documents and the imposition of resolutions

Ensuring the "transparency" of processes, process optimization based on real indicators

Transparency of business processes is a guarantee of achieving their planned performance and successful completion. This not only simplifies the sequence of operations of employees responsible for the processes, but also focuses their attention on the compliance of regulatory and actual indicators (metrics), identifying deviations and atypical situations (scenarios).

The functional of business processes of IT-Enterprise system provides:

  • Presence of a built-in constructor that allows you to simulate processes of any length and complexity, adjust their general and specific parameters, as well as visualize process diagrams
  • Management of all elements of the business process architecture (owners, resources, suppliers, indicators, results, customers and performers, duration, repetition settings, connections for inputs and outputs, etc.)
  • Flexible configuration of access to business processes, allowing the necessary number of stakeholders to be involved in their analysis and optimization

Notifications to customers, managers and management on the progress of the order

The built-in system of notifications about important stages of the process or passing checkpoints in the course of executing orders and other operations allows you to ensure prompt information to the responsible persons

Convenient notification settings interface allows users to manage individual and mass alerts within their access level and authority in the system

Integration with external systems allows you to expand the scope of information, creating automatic notifications in the mail client and the corporate network Hubber

Monitoring the status of orders

In order to meet the growing demands for quality, variety and availability of products in the context of reducing the duration of the production cycle, companies need to review their business processes, aligning them with customer needs. As a result, effective processes are formed that facilitate the coordination of activities in the formation of customer demand, as well as in its satisfaction. IT-Enterprise system allows you to control:

  • products price formation
  • formation of various product configurations
  • registration of orders in the system
  • proof of stock
  • order status tracking
  • synchronization of order execution and payments for it

The order management program allows you to quickly get a general idea of the nature of the order: its current status, contractor, value in monetary terms. In addition to the headings in the order management system, information is provided on the planned and actual cost of orders, their status in production and other detailed characteristics related to the execution of orders.

CRM-control of sales plan performance, orders and shipments

The tools of IT-Enterprise system allow you to customize sales funnels, track and analyze quantitative and qualitative sections of statistics on the performance of received orders, record deviations and show their sources.

The analysis and control of the sales plan is carried out in various customized sections - regional, monetary, temporary, as well as by teams and employees, taking into account customer segmentation and other conditions.





of our system

Reducing time spent for business processes execution due to regulation and automation of process steps, introducing time restrictions for process steps execution

Improving quality of work: compliance with all rules shall be provided due to transparency of business processes for all participants, regulation and monitoring tools

Process analysis and optimization may be executed based on the real indicators

Achieving organizational flexibility of the company by engaging business process participants into modeling and optimization thereof

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