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Development, engineering and construction

Features of IT-Enterprise business solutions for construction are related to the need for effective asset management in real estate.


Industry problems that our system solves

Calculation of the cost of the construction object

Finance scheduling

Tracking of all stages of the object sale (registration-reservation-contract-payment-registration)

Calculation of the object cost and a discount according to the specified rules, individual discounts are authorized by the management

Real estate register maintenance

Interactive report for finding free property for the Call-center

Tracking of individual discounts

Tracking deals over the period

Tracking of cash flows over the period

Tracking the situation for put up for sale/sold objects for the certain date

Tracking the applications for the delivery of material from construction sites/contractors

Supplier selection and procurement planning

Formation of applications for purchase

Tracking material shipment to construction sites/contractors

Material write-off on the basis of acceptance of the readiness of the construction object (by "interest")

Tracking material residues on construction sites/subcontractors


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

by 8 times
shorter time to apply/change the pricing policy of "Kyivmiskbud" holding company
by 2 times
reduced losses due to the use of incorrect production norms at the "Kovalska" company
by 58%
increased the volume of real estate sales after the implementation of the ERP system in a full-cycle developer company
by 3.5 times
decreased the payment indebtedness for real estate assets

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Managing the state of real estate objects

We present key data by location, by level of vacancy, by booking and reservation, helping managers make optimal decisions

Contract management related to real estate assets

Single unified contract repository allows to track the performance of individual contracts. For each object, the manager can easily find operational information about the investor

Objects management

We provide information on each building about free, reserved and sold objects, as well as operational knowledge of how much money was paid under contracts, how many and what apartments were sold for the reporting period

Analytical tools and reporting

The analytical tools of the system can detect the relationship between factors, taking into account sector specificity and make real estate management more relevant and productive

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