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An effective process has shortened the time of change in pricing policy from weeks to a couple of days

Development, engineering and construction
An effective process has shortened the time of change in pricing policy from weeks to a couple of days
scale30,000 employeeskpiincrease the efficiency and effectiveness of pricing processes
ProductFinancesProject time1 year
year of briefcase2014geographyUkraine
IndustryDevelopment, engineering and constructioncustomer"Kyivmiskbud" holding company

Project Goals

Holding company "Kyivmiskbud" is one of the leaders in the construction industry of Ukraine. The holding structure includes more than 100 enterprises of various profiles and more than 30 thousand qualified employees — from construction specialists to managers.

An important competitive advantage of the company is that it is constantly improving business processes. The development strategy of the company for 2013-2014 provided for the improvement of real estate sale processes, as one of the key business processes, which is the main source of profit for the company.

The goal of the implementation of the “Real Estate Sales Management” project was to provide management of the holding with up-to-date necessary operational information on real estate objects.

IT-Enterprise helped with operational accounting and control of relevant information on construction objects and investors, provided quick access to the full history of work on each property asset and provided reports on real estate sales.

The following tasks were assigned to the project team:

  • increase the efficiency of the pricing policy;
  • provide analytical tools to analyze the history of operations with the object and with the history of payments, which allow working more effectively with debtors.

Project Description

To improve the efficiency of the sales process, the company management highlighted the most significant problems:

  • The real estate sales — a routine, time-consuming process for sales managers;
  • There is a time lag in the revaluation of real estate: managers prefer to work with paper documents, then their decisions must be entered into the information system. As a result, the extra charge “on paper” does not keep pace with the real extra charge - the lack of efficiency in the pricing process is manifested.
  • The lack of operational information about payments under contracts, as a result — the complexity of timely management decisions on contracts and on the debtors impact.

The history of work with real estate objects was stored in local spreadsheet files. It was very difficult to track the history of the property assets (who bought, transferred, changed, owed, etc.). To get a chronology of events summary, you had to spend more than one hour of working time.

The management of the company decided to build the process of the real estate sale management as part of an integrated ERP system IT-Enterprise.

Key project factors

By 8 times reduced the time for applying/changing the pricing policy for real estate in accordance with the decisions of the board.
By 7 times decreased the time of drawing up contracts.


Implementation of the project “Real Estate Sales Management” made it possible to:

  • unify all the processes of real estate sales into a single system with the processes of accounting and contractual accounting;
  • build a unified effective process of pricing policy control with the operational development of the protocols of the price commission;
  • control pricing, analyze the history of the object price changes;
  • build a through chain from accepting a property purchase request from a client to signing a contract with an investor, tracking payments and issuing title documents;
  • analyze the history of work on each property asset since its input into the system.

The result is:

  • increase of control over the real estate sales processes and improving the efficiency of sales of real estate;
  • pricing policy change time reduction from several days to 3-4 hours;
  • contracts registration average time reduced by 7 times.

The IT-Enterprise system made it possible to quickly analyze the necessary parameters of the realty object: in a few seconds, you can find out which apartments are in great demand, how many apartments are sold etc. In addition, the system allows you to quickly track what is the stage of the a specific property. Thus, having reliable information on sales and the state of construction objects, management has the ability to more accurately forecast sales and make appropriate sound management decisions.

As part of business processes improvement, special attention was paid to financial control. Implementation of the system contributed to the optimization and strengthening of the control of financial receipts, in particular, automatic company management notification on current debts, control of working with debtors.

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