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Financial analysis

Identify your own financial performance indicators, find reserves and improve financial position of the company


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Comprehensive evaluation and rapid analysis of the financial state of the enterprise

Horizontal, vertical, and trend reporting analysis


Estimation of market and financial enterprise stability

Business activity assessment

Profitability assessment

The main purpose of this module is to obtain a small number of key (the most informative) parameters that provide an objective and accurate picture of the financial condition of the company, its profits and losses, changes in the structure of assets and liabilities, in settlements with debtors and creditors.

The module performs the following analysis (in tabular and graphical form):

  • Analytical grouping of assets of the balance sheet (property of the enterprise, immobilized assets, working capital, stocks, receivables, cash and short-term securities)
  • Analytical grouping of balance sheet liabilities (sources of property, equity, debt capital, long-term liabilities, short-term liabilities, payables)
  • Comparative analytical balance (changes for the period article by article, the growth rate article by article)
  • Dynamics of profit indicators (sales revenue by areas, production costs, selling expenses, profit by areas)
  • Profit structure (profit/loss of the period, profit/loss from sales, from other sales, from non-operating transactions, net income from sales)
  • Analysis of capital productivity of fixed assets (the volume of output, the average quarterly value of fixed assets, capital productivity)
  • Analysis of the material return of objects of labor (the volume of production, the cost of objects of labor on the production of products, material return)
  • Analysis of labor productivity (the volume of production, the average quarterly number of production personnel and production)
  • Balance liquidity (the most liquid assets, fast and slow-moving assets, difficult-to-sell assets, most urgent liabilities, short-term/long-term/medium-term/permanent liabilities, balance, graphical presentation of liquidity balance data)
  • Liquidity ratios (coverage/total liquidity ratios, fast liquidity, absolute liquidity, net working capital)
  • Solvency indicators (coefficients of autonomy/financial independence, financing, provision of own working capital, capital maneuverability)
  • Sustainability indicators (autonomy/financial independence ratios, debt to equity ratio, mobile and immobilized funds, agility, production assets, long-term borrowing)
  • Aggregated balance sheet (fixed assets and investments, stocks and expenses, cash, settlements and other assets, sources of own funds, settlements and other liabilities, loans and other borrowed funds)
  • Profitability indicators (return on assets, equity, activities, product profitability)





of our system

Representing the indicators in a tabular and a graphical style

Monitoring deviations from target values

Template factors of financial productivity

An option to create and customize own indicators

Import and export of any indicators selection to Excel

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