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Tax accounting and reporting

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Accounting and reporting organization :

value added tax

corporate profit tax

real estate tax

excise tax

local taxes and other taxes and fees

The module of tax accounting in IT-Enterprise is integrated with modules of accounting and operational contours. This allows you to turn to single sources when determining indicators of taxation, to quickly track the status of settlements with the budget.

When organizing accounting for value added tax, the following tasks are solved:

  • Calculation of VAT in the documents of receipt and sale of goods and materials, products, provision and receipt of services
  • Determination of the “first event” in documents of settlements with contractors for prompt reflection of calculations on tax credits and tax liabilities
  • Formation of tax invoices for the first event, on a cash basis, formation of adjustment calculations, consolidated tax invoices
  • Export of outgoing tax invoices for registration in SRTB
  • Import of incoming tax invoices
  • Automated distribution of tax credit between taxable and non-taxable transactions
  • Accounting for VAT calculations on export-import transactions, accounting for different VAT rates
  • Accounting the peculiarities of the legislation when making payments for services rendered by non-residents
  • Data preparation for automated generation of statements (declarations) on VAT, electronic reporting

Accounting for income tax provides the following opportunities.

Accounting organization with detail required for reporting income tax:

  • maintaining parallel tax accounting of fixed assets in the context of tax groups of fixed assets and intangible assets
  • accounting of differences that arise in the calculation of depreciation of fixed assets
  • accounting of differences that arise in the formation of reserves
  • accounting of differences that arise in the implementation of financial transactions

Preparation of data for reporting on income tax on the basis of accounting.

The tax accounting system provides an account of operations on other tax collections and payments, as well as taxes related to labor payment:

  • maintenance of regulatory information and documents for the organization of other taxes (real estate, excise tax, local taxes)
  • preparation of data for accounting based on accounting

Accounting allows you to perform an operational analysis of the status of calculations with the budget for each tax, the formation of analytical transcripts and reporting forms.

Document processing is performed in accordance with the regulations described by means of the designer of business processes and document flows of IT-Enterprise system. The regulation allows defining the roles of those involved in the processing of documents and the procedure for processing documents.


of our system

A prompt response to legislation amendments

Deep integration of the tax accounting module with all modules of the system

Flexible configuration tools allow users independently change accounting methods and reporting forms in case of legislation amendments

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