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The indebtedness on all signed real property contracts has reduced by 70%

Development, engineering and construction
The indebtedness on all signed real property contracts has reduced by 70%
kpito increase control over payment for approved real estate contractsProductSales
Project time1 yearyear of briefcase2015
geographyUkraineIndustryDevelopment, engineering and construction
customerNot disclosed

Project Goals

The Ukrainian full cycle developer, one of the leaders of the construction industry, working in the real estate market for about 20 years, turned to the task of increasing the effectiveness of the processes of real estate sales.

The management of the company was determined to achieve the goals and improve the company processes, that ensure the generation of profits in the company.

Real estate sales processes enhancement implies:

  • Integration of the ERP-system with the site at the level of information flows, so that the site displays only current, available for sale objects;
  • full control over the current state of real estate, that are proposed for sale;
  • improvement of contractual accounting;
  • control over the customers timely payment on the basis of actual contracts;
  • development of visual analytical tools for monitoring the implementation of real estate at all stages.

Project Description

The modern real estate sector characterized by growing competition among developer companies. In these conditions, effective management of real estate sales is becoming a prerequisite for the successful operation of the enterprise. For the adoption of management decisions and reducing the debt for already concluded sales transactions real estate companies need to establish a simple and clear management. This is achieved through the implementation of the ERP-system, which combines information flows of the enterprise, presents information in an accessible form and provides managers with advanced tools for business analysis.

Key tasks that required a solution:

  • Comprehensive control over the real estate objects condition (Which objects are sold? What remain in the active work of managers? What are booked? For what object a pledge amount was made, etc.);
  • Control over the timely and full payments on the basis of concluded contracts, which significantly reduced debts for purchased facilities;
  • Evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of sales managers in the context of activities and real estate;
  • Storing the history of work with real estate objects.

Top management decided to build the process of real estate management on the basis of the complex ERP-system IT-Enterprise.

Key project factors

58% increase in sales of real estate after the introduction of the ERP-system
By 3.5 times decreased the volume of indebtedness on all signed real property contracts


Thanks to the implementation of IT-Enterprise system:

  • unified system for real estate sales built;
  • control over the prices of objects implemented;
  • contractual accounting for the real estate objects acquisition and accompanying documents implemented;
  • control over promptitude in payment under contracts is tightened;
  • efficiency of the managers work with debtors significantly improved;
  • established performance analysis of each manager in the company.

Thanks to the implementation of the IT-Enterprise solution, the monitoring effectiveness over promptitude in payment has been tightened and work with debtors has been improved. The volume of debt under contracts for the purchase of real estate objects decreased by 3.5 times. Sales of real estate grew by 58%.

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