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SE "UKRSPIRT": successful transformation of the industry leader

Agrarian and food industry
SE "UKRSPIRT": successful transformation of the industry leader
scale4,947 employeeskpiDigital transformation of a state company. Corporate Governance. Centralization of control.
ProductAccountingProject time1 year
year of briefcase2018geographyUkraine
IndustryAgrarian and food industrycustomerSE "UKRSPIRT"

One of the successful projects in 2018 is effective cooperation with the state enterprise “UKRSPIRT”. A project to modernize the enterprise began a year ago and the results are already impressive.

2017 UKRSPIRT completed with some problems:

High prime cost
- Lack of money to upgrade
- Noncompetitiveness on the foreign market
- Limited product portfolio

From January 2018, the company began a business transformation.

During the year of general work, the situation has changed significantly. Already at the end of 2018, we can talk about the first significant results:

- 100 million UAH., Saved on cost, were allocated for modernization
- 86 million UAH. already invested in modernization for 2018
- Growth in supplies to foreign markets
- The product portfolio is 17 items (8 of which are already for sale)

How did you manage to achieve this?

There was no unified exchange of accounting and management data for all locations of activity "UKRSPIRT". Reports and information were submitted by all locations of activity in a free form, which was difficult for both the top manager and the auditors to understand.

The company determined the goals of business transformation: streamlining assets, optimizing expenses, increasing sales, and corporatization. The reform of the management system "UKRSPIRT" demanded automation of the enterprise and centralization of functions. An ERP system was needed that would allow management decisions to be made. Namely IT-Enterprise has become by this system.

In 2018, UKRSPIRT transformed the following business processes:

- Contract Management
- Accounting and tax accounting
- Calculating the actual prime cost
- Centralized inventory accounting
- Human resource management and payroll

The new development policy of UKRSPIRT has opened the horizons of competitive leadership, providing access to the world market. This means further modernization of the enterprise to international standards of industrial enterprises.
Already today, IT-Enterprise provides a comprehensive business automation system, provides tools for efficient work with data.

The development objectives for 2019, the company has identified:

- Implement trend technologies in production
- Develop electronic financial management services
- To ensure the functioning of a centralized electronic document management

Our company appreciates common successes with every client. SE "UKRSPIRT" - an example of a demanding customer who knows what he wants. That is why IT-Enterprise managed to find the best solution and have the honor to be involved in the success of the client!

More information about the transformation of the state enterprise "UKRSPIRT" - in the speech of the head of the commercial policy of the company Nikolai Cherhavogo

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