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Unified accounting system for a large distributed manufacturing enterprise

Aerospace industry
Unified accounting system for a large distributed manufacturing enterprise
scale14,000+ employeeskpiimprove the efficiency of enterprise financial management
ProductAccountingProject time1,5 years
year of briefcase2017geographyUkraine
IndustryAerospace industrycustomerSE "Antonov"

Project Goals

The state enterprise "Antonov" is a Ukrainian enterprise, founded as an experimental design bureau. "Antonov", is part of the holding company UkrOboronProm. Its main field of activity is the development, production and maintenance of aircrafts of the "AN" series. The company employs over 14 thousand employees, which makes it one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. AN-225 "Mriya" that is the biggest cargo airplane in the world and which is  one of the visiting cards of our country was created at this enterprise.

In 2015, with the change of management team, the company began to actively implement changes. In particular, the concept of enterprise management was revised, complex business processes were put in order, data sets were ordered. An important role in these processes played the project of an integrated ERP system IT-Enterprise implementation, which covered all the business units of the state enterprise "Antonov".

One of the important stages of services automation of the enterprise was the project of the accounting system implementation. The project involved the building of a single accounting system for a design bureau, an pilot-plant production and serial plant, as well as all remote units of the enterprise.

Project objectives:

  • organization of comprehensive end-to-end accounting on the basis of IT-Enterprise ERP system
  • termination of information duplicate in separate systems
  • implementation of electronic document workflow
  • online access to information

Project Description

Before the project start, it was agreed in advance that only IT and accountants would be involved in the project. If we consider the process of capitalizing the inventory, then the supply department, the warehouse, etc., participate in the processes. During the project launch these people were attracted to participation, and the results were encouraging. So, it was possible to build a comprehensive end-to-end accounting solution based on IT-Enterprise, when all services are involved in the process.

Antonov is an enterprise employing over 14 thousand employees. The enterprise has a distributed structure, and each of its branches conducted separate accounting. Since different companies had different chart of account, different degree of the analysis detailing, then it was necessary to spend a lot of time in order to compile information from many sources into single report for reporting to the state bodies. It was a complicated and time-consuming process.

The first thing IT-Enterprise consultants did together with the project team - they developed a single chart of accounts with common analytics and processing rules that were implemented and successfully operates at the enterprise.

In addition, the enterprise had several accounting programs. In separate departments of the enterprise the accounting was implemented in manual way, and filled documents were transferred to other departments, where they had to be entered into the accounting system. Manually filled documents is a source of errors, because the influence of the notorious human factor.

Another accounting was implemented in the IT department. Just like in many large manufacturing enterprises, there are operators in the IT department whose duty was just information entering. By entering data for duplicate accounting, operators spent a lot of time, and could make mistakes.

Finally, the company had a third accounting program - a local software for accounting. Prior to the launch of the complex automation project, accounting was implemented in the 1C program, the data in this system were not linked to other enterprise accounting systems.

In addition to the fact that three separate accountings were kept at the enterprise, they required account comparison.

At the moment, the implementation is completed, accounting is organized in a single system, end-to-end business processes are built. As a result of the integrated system implementation, enterprise received end-to-end business processes with a distribution of responsibility. Management of the enterprise can see the inventory balances and reciprocal payments online.

Key project factors

From week to two hours was reduced reconciliation and payment time


The project at SE "Antonov" is a large-scale IT-Enterprise implementation project related to the optimization and business processes reengineering of one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine.

Implementation of a unified accounting system allowed to avoid information duplication, the number of involuntary errors was reduced. End-to-end business processes were built, based on the electronic document workflow model. The implemented system simplifies the work and significantly shortens the time for payment approve. Before the project implementation, the approval process lasted for a weeks, now the approval takes about two hours.

Further plans for the development of the enterprise information system include implementation of production control, and cross-stage accounting in manufacturing.

Project implementation allowed the company management to control financial flows online and efficient use of funds. This helps to draw up the balance and calculate profits.

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