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An efficient production management with the SmartManager

Aerospace industry
An efficient production management with the SmartManager
scale500+ employeeskpireduce the documents passage time in the company
ProductProductionProject time1 year
year of briefcase2017geographyUkraine
IndustryAerospace industrycustomer"FED"

Project Goals

"FED" is a modern machining manufacturing enterprise that produces complex units and modules for aerospace companies all over the world. The peculiarity of the enterprise is the high quality of the its products, which is the key of the company's competitiveness in the global market.

The task of the enterprise is to produce high-quality products in acceptable time frame and at a price lower than those of competitors. This aim achieved through the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology: use of modern high-precision equipment, production quality control, and the professional training of personnel.

One of measures of company’s continuous improvement strategy is to improve production processes and information platform. For company top-managers development of the enterprise means the development of a business management system.

Project Description

In February 2017, "FED" moved from the old document workflow principles to the SmartManager system from IT-Enterprise. SmartManager is a universal tool for managing tasks, projects and electronic document rolled into one. Since the commissioning SmartManager, the enterprise works with all incoming and outcoming documentation, as well as administrative instructions, and memos only in the new IT system.

With the reengineering of electronic business processes, it is possible to reduce the time for passing documents through the departments. The company excluded situations when some team members have not read the document or changes to the document.

Creation of the technical archive of information excluded situations when employees have not read latest changes and continue to work on the old sketches. Now authorized employees receive electronic notifications on changes in documents.

Key project factors

By 45% reduced time of carrying out documents at the enterprise


Having studied the capabilities of the SmartManager in practice, the management of “FED” ordered the implementation of HelpDesk-system of technical support for servicing the company's IT infrastructure.

Now all IT infrastructure maintenance requests submitted via SmartManager. With its analytical tools, management quickly monitors the progress of confirmed tasks and the amount of work performed by the IT department of the plant, and flexibly manages the load of IT professionals.

Another SmartManager feature is support for all mobile platforms. With the help of a smartphone, employees can quickly enter into the system information about the progress of tasks, and enterprise managers see the load workers, the progress of tasks, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the plans.

The use of modern technologies allowed SmartManager to improve the operational enterprise management.

The management of "FED" said that SmartManager became the universal tool for business management in the shortest time - it simplified daily routine operations and reduced their execution time.

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