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The IT-Enterprise Authorized Training Center, established on June 20, 2001, specializes in the training and advanced training of IT professionals working with the IT-Enterprise ERP system. The main objective of the IT-Enterprise Training Center is to provide high-quality training for the employees of the company, which enables the most efficient use of the IT-Enterprise system for the management of the company.

The training is conducted by certified trainers and by leading experts of the corporation. They will help students quickly and in an accessible form to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as provide competent answers to questions that arise during the course of study.

Study programs were specially developed to summarize the best practices of the IT-Enterprise system implemented at enterprises of different industries. The study programs cover all system modules, their functionality, and configuration options. Particular attention is paid to the new system capabilities.

The teaching method differs in the sequence and completeness of the material, which is fixed with carefully selected practical tasks.

Training at the IT-Enterprise Training Center is possible as full-time training and as distance learning, however, the main form of training is subscription learning.

Elementary education is organized in the specialized computer class of the IT-Enterprise corporation headquarter with the use of visual aids and a multimedia projector.

With full-time training, each participant of the study is provided with a computer and a set of educational materials. After completing the training, the participants receive a certificate attesting that they have learned the appropriate course.

Business trainers of the IT-Enterprise Training Center can provide local training in the customer's office by typical or individual programs. Individual programs are tailor-made for your company based on the needs, specifics, and specific wishes.

The in-depth training of specialists under the supervision of experienced mentors has proven effective, however, and has its drawbacks. It is necessary to take into account the material costs associated with paying students' accommodation. In addition, the company must provide a human resources reserve to allow a group of students to study throughout the week off-the-job. Another problem is the large amount of material that students have to learn in a short time.

Developed in the IT-Enterprise Training Center distance learning method reduces the listed problems associated with on-the-job training. In distance learning interaction with students is carried out with the help of modern specialized communication technologies. One of the benefits of distance learning is the low cost of training since students do not need to go to the Training Center. By choosing this form of training, your employees increase their qualifications in their workplace with a minimum off-the-job time.

Continuous improvement is the modern approach adopted in many large enterprises. It means regular, systematic, and timely identification of opportunities to improve business processes. Under this approach, the IT-Enterprise Training Center offers subscription training.

The advantage of this technique is that the purchased subscription extends to all employees of the IT service of the company. Thus, by acquiring a subscription, the customer may, during the year from the first month of service provision, increase the qualification of employees of different specializations: administrators and developers.

Composition of services provided by subscription:

  • weekly live training on Fridays. The training is carried out remotely, therefore, it does not require to distract significant human resources. Due to the fact that learning is life, students have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the new material but also to ask the refinement questions to the business coach. The course of training involves not only the acquisition of new material but also the implementation of practical tasks relevant to the customer, with their further analysis.
    All classes are recorded, processed, and published in a short time on the portal of the Learning Center.

Specialists of the IT-Enterprise Training Center collect, analyze and take into account the feedback from the participants of the training to improve the curriculum of the courses.

  • weekly free consultation on tools and development and administration of the system. In the course of free consultations, questions that have been pre-submitted and registered in accordance with the established procedure should be studied.
  • live training for new employees of the company. A proven course of study used internally is used. It is also offered to customers. The training includes a theoretical part, a demonstration of the live system, the solution of practical problems with their further analysis with the trainer, as well as a session of questions and answers throughout the material. Due to this opportunity, the client company can quickly raise the qualification of new employees or teach potential employees to the required level. This approach to training allows the company to get rid of the risks associated with the removal of skilled employees, whose training the company heavily invested. Thanks to subscription training, the customer can control and maintain the necessary level of professional knowledge and practical skills throughout their team without incurring additional costs.
  • access to the Training Center video courses. All courses that are trained at the Training Center are recorded and made available promptly to students. The list of available courses is constantly expanding. The availability of video courses for basic knowledge (SQL query creation, Core Oracle, SQL administration, C#, ...) required for training the system enables the client to receive full-time training with one subscription without the purchase of additional courses.
  • unlimited access to the learning test kit. The training kit contains all the examples that were considered during the training. With the same data set students to perform practical tasks.

The training program of the IT-Enterprise Training Center will allow you to continuously improve the qualifications of your company's employees and use the wide opportunities of the IT-Enterprise system for the development of existing processes and the design of new ones in their activities.

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