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Scalable System Architecture

IT-Enterprise ERP system covers all aspects of the production, financial and economic activities of the enterprise and consists of modules, each of which automates certain tasks.

This component architecture has the following advantages:

  • possibility of a phased implementation of the system and a quick return on investment;
  • ability to purchase only the necessary modules without paying for the excess functionality;
  • possibility of functionality enhancement in the future as the needs of the enterprise change.

The IT-Enterprise system is designed to work in a three-tier client-server architecture, in which there are layers of a database server, an application servers pool (as many as you like), and also client software.

The business logic of the system moved to the application server level. The application server can be configured either on a separate computer, or as a virtual computer, or combined with a database server.

Business logic is encapsulated in software objects. The application server uses classes and methods for working with data. Dialogues are formed in the form of datagrams and transmitted to the client software.

To use IT-Enterprise functionality in a user-friendly form (tables, windows, graphics, dashboards, etc.), client can run it in any modern browser without the need to use additional components.

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