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Electronic digital signature (EDS)

Currently, electronic digital signature (EDS) is widely used to protect electronic documents against forgery and unauthorized modifications. In the activity of the enterprise, as well as for personal purposes, the electronic signature performs functions similar to the signature of a person. The presence of an electronic signature guarantees that the document was created by this person, therefore, the document with the EDS is equivalent to its paper counterpart.

An electronic signature is a collection of electronic data that enable easy and reliably be verify that:

  • this user has generated this electronic signature. No other user can generate the same email signature
  • this document or a set of documents was signed by the user. The document was not changed or changed after signature

In the IT-Enterprise system, both universally accepted electronic signatures and local EDS can be used. To work with electronic signatures, a couple of keys are used - closed and open. These keys are generated programmatically. The private key is stored by the user and is not transmitted to anyone, and the open registers are in the center of the key certification.

The IT-Enterprise system implements work with generally recognized electronic signatures for Ukraine. Special hardware devices may be used to generate a key pair and store a secret key of generally accepted electronic signatures.

In web applications, EDS support is implemented in two ways: using the JavaScript library and using the signature agent. The user can choose the implementation depending on the type of key (file or hardware device). The signature agent supports both file keys and hardware devices. The JavaScript library supports only file keys through the browser's security policy.

To overlay an EDS in a mobile application, you must record the secret key on the mobile device and set up a mobile application to work with it.

Local e-signature can be used for interaction between enterprises, between employees, and the enterprise in the IT-Enterprise system. Generating keys, imposing signatures, and verifying signatures are free functions - unlike commercial storage centers, the fee for creating and using a key is not charged.

The use of EDS in IT-Enterprise is possible for any document and spreadsheet. Standard EDS is used for signing document originals, document movement, documents at stages, document negotiation, the signature of an arbitrary document and signature verification, etc. In addition to embedding EDS on the object, you can add EDS to any table in the system, both system, and user.

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