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Certified security features

If necessary to protect information that constitutes a state secret, or related to other restricted information protected in accordance with the legislation, shall be applied to third-party means of the protection of information certified by the relevant government agency. Based on software and hardware complexes, a protected system is constructed that meets the state standards of the security of a particular class.

Information that is the property of the state or information with restricted access, for which the law establishes the requirement of protection, should be processed in informational, telecommunication, and informational-telecommunication systems with the use of an integrated information security system, which has a confirmation of conformity. Confirmation of conformity is carried out on the results of the state examination in the manner prescribed by the law.

The procedure for conducting a state examination of integrated systems for the protection of information in informational, telecommunication, informational-telecommunication systems, and information technology protection means is established by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

The IT-Enterprise system successfully passed the state examination and received an expert finding on the compliance of the implementation of technical means of information protection with the requirements of state bodies with the level of guarantees of the G-2 correctness of their implementation in accordance with the ND TZI 2.5-004-99.

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