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Runtime environment

IT-Enterprise supports two server platforms: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Oracle Database Being the leader among the Windows-based DBMS, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 has good security, scalability, and ease of development. An important factor in distributing this DBMS server is its low cost and tight integration with Microsoft Windows Server Standard. Given all the factors, this platform can be recommended for the vast majority of industrial enterprises.

Oracle Database runs on numerous hardware and software platforms and has excellent scalability and reliability. This database can be recommended to those industrial enterprises that have skilled staff, are familiar with Oracle's technology, and are willing to bear significant financial costs, while raising the requirements for reliability and performance of the system.

Client workplaces can be any modern device - a personal computer, a laptop, an netbook compatible with Microsoft Windows, thin workstations, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android tablets, smartphones, and any other devices, that can operate as a client for the terminals or virtual desktops.

Requirements for system software

The operating system on the database server for Oracle Database and MS SQL Server 2012/2008 is the Microsoft Windows Server Standard operating system and above. Local application servers are allowed to use Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

Requirements for the workstation operating system - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP SP3. In addition, it is allowed to use the server operating system Windows Server.

The IT-Enterprise system has certificates "Windows 8 Compatible" and "Windows 7 Compatible", which confirms the quality and reliability of the solutions.

To operate the system in the Web-client it is allowed to use any device that has access to the Internet and a modern browser that supports current standards and technology of data exchange.

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