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Used programming languages

The technical policy of developing and implementing an integrated system IT-Enterprise is based on the following solutions.

  • The server software operates in the corporate computer network of the enterprise. Client software is distributed worldwide and operates in any network environment
  • Supports a single information space and "through" the passage of information in the system
  • The modularity of the system - the possibility of phased implementation
  • Widespread use of own development tools
  • A unified approach to the development and standardization of software
  • Unified user-based interface
  • System adaptability - more than 3,000 system configuration options, built-in generators for the end-user - arbitrary queries, table reports, export forms of information, reporting documents, and analysis.

The IT-Enterprise system uses the following technical solutions and technologies:

  • Targeting the full potential of Windows Server 2012/2008R2;
  • Orientation to and support of open industry IT standards: PDF, HTML, XML;
  • Close integration with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook);
  • Integration with Open Office Office Free Products;
  • Wide use of .NET Framework technologies.

As a platform for developing business logic and creating client software in the IT-Enterprise system, the .Net Framework 4.0 and the programming language C # 4.0 are used.

The IT-Enterprise client and server software development tools are using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 environment, Team Foundation Server 2012 collective development tools. The C# language is the de facto standard for the development of modern distributed applications. The platform for the application server is Windows Server 2012 / 2008R2. To process local data at the application server level, use the free SQL Server Express 2012.

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