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IT-Enterprise Forum Version 2022 — Digital Transformation Core

IT-Enterprise Forum Version 2022 — Digital Transformation Core

An online forum for digital transformation experts will present the IT-Enterprise 2022 version.

Looking for business growth points? State-of-the-art IT-Enterprise tools and services that are able to translate the business into a new plane of efficiency.

IT-Enterprise 2022 — Digital Transformation Core consolidates hands-on experience and tools for improving business efficiency.

Event details

  • Date: October 26-27th, 2021
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes, 14:00-16:30 (in time zone UTC +3).
  • Format: online event



October, 26th 2021

Tech Day. Technologies IT-Enterprise 2022

13:45 – 14:00 

  Connecting Forum participants  
14:00 – 14:15
  From Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0 — new values from IT-Enterprise Oleg Shcherbatenko
Chief Executive Officer
Session «Digital Transformation Core v11 Platform in IT-Enterprise 2022»
14:15 – 14:40

  Digital Transformation Core by IT-Enterprise 2022 — a Digital Transformation Platform. Review of 2022 solutions Volodymyr Mykhaylov
Chief Technical Officer
14:40 –15:00

  IT-Enterprise 2022. Step-by-step migration to multiservice architecture Kostiantyn Shurek
Head of System Development
Session «Business Process Management in IT-Enterprise 2022 for Digital Transformation»
15:00 – 15:20

  ForceBPM. The standard for business process management. Case study Oleksandr Mykhailov
Solution Architect
15:20 – 15:35

  ForceBPM Business Intelligence. Managing business process efficiency. The effectiveness of achieving business goals

Mariia Haleliuka
Lead consultant
Session «Solutions and technologies IT-Enterprise 2022 for Digital Transformation»
15:35 –15:50

  Transition to the Circular Economy. Services and case study Kostiantyn Shurek
Head of System Development
15:50 –16:10

  New paperless economy. Business solutions and case study Mykhailo Odynets
System Development Team Lead
16:10 –16:25

  Communication as the basis of state-of-the-art business Vitalii Haleliuka
Solution Architect

October, 27th 2021

Business Day. Business solutions in IT-Enterprise 2022

13:45 – 14:00

  Connecting Forum participants  
14:00 – 14:15

  KOEEBOX PRO. The idea of ​​"smart home" in creating a "smart factory" Kyrylo Kostanetskyi
Chief Executive Officer KOEEBOX

Vitalii Haleliuka
Chief Technical Officer KOEEBOX
14:15 – 14:30

  SmartFactory AI. Artificial intelligence for optimal production planning. Services and case study Oleksandr Mykhailov
Solution Architect
14:30 – 14:45

  From sensors to managerial decision-making. IIoT 2022. Case study

Vitalii Haleliuka
Solution Architect
14:45 – 15:00

  SmartEAM. Anna Maly — a virtual assistant for detecting anomalies in equipment operation Kyrylo Kostanetskyi
SmartEAM Team Lead
15:00 – 15:15

  How to get financial returns from technology Vitalii Haleliuka
Solution Architect
15:15 – 15:30

  EnergyAI. Intelligent system for forecasting and reducing energy consumption

Kyrylo Kostanetskyi
SmartEAM Team Lead
15:30 – 15:50

  Digital transformation of R&D processes. Areas for development in 2022. Case study Vitalii Haleliuka
Solution Architect

Rostyslav Khoma
Lead consultant
15:50 – 16:05

  SmartTender 2.0 — a tool for efficient purchasing and sales of companies
Batia Syrota
Head of Commerce at SmartTender
16:05 – 16:20

  Mandatory IFRS financial statements in iXBRL format Mariia Haleliuka
MASTER Team Lead
16:20 – 16:35

  Project: digital transformation of HR management processes Serhii Sych
Head of HR Development
16:35 – 16:50

  ForceBPM Tasks. Effective work with tasks and documents

Oksana Kutsa
Consulting Team Lead
16:50 – 17:05

  ForceBPM Tasks Planning. Role-based staff planning
Oleksandr Mykhailov
Solution Architect

The order of the agenda may be altered.

We have ready answers to such questions as

  • How to boost business efficiency with IT-Enterprise 2022.
  • How to find areas of development in, as it seems, standard business processes.
  • How to use artificial intelligence to choose an optimal solution in a multi-criteria context.

Hidden business opportunities  inflexible business processes and speed of reengineering.

Experience IT-Enterprise 2022 features

  • Business process management from a smartphone. Tasks in applications by roles and directions. Advantages of IT-Enterprise 2022 microservice architecture.
  • Technologies that will reduce the product development cycle. The foresight of product creation, the ecosystem of services from CAD-systems to PDM and PLM.
  • The new level of planning optimization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an objective tool for choosing the optimal solution from a variety of options.
  • Deep equipment analytics. Tracking and recognition of anomalies in work.
  • Asset management. Loading control, power consumption, and monitoring of production parameters IIoT-solution from KOEEBOX PRO.
  • BI-analysis in the online format. Detailed analytical reports based on reproduced data (in progress).
  • Consolidated financial statements for distributed entities. Submission of reports in XBRL format.
  • Best practices and cases of companies that are already benefiting from the use of innovations.

Each of the tools separately, their combinations are able to strengthen and transform the business.


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