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Recent students and graduates of local universities become real professionals,

whose services are in demand by the largest local and global companies. A few years later, graduates who decide to build their professional career at IT-Enterprise corporation can already boast of all the attributes of a successful person.

IT-Enterprise Corporation is a great place

to continue the career of IT specialists.

The social lifts offered by the company to employees from local production enterprises are impressive. Recent system administrators of regional companies, today - leading consultants, experts and project managers who are in demand by Ukrainian and global companies.

However, for many employees IT-Enterprise is

not just a place of work, but something more significant.

A number of employees found love here and created happy families.

Life in the company

This is exactly what I was looking for

IT-Enterprise developer Irina Gorb shares her impressions of her internship at the company:
- what tasks got;
- how was the training;
- what kind of work was received after the end of internship.

When you've figured out and created something - that's cool!

Developer Lesya Katsalova talks about internship in the Ukrainian company IT-Enterprise:
- how was the testing;
- what for she trained;
- first impressions about work in the company.

New tasks appear every day

Developer Yuri Trachuk talks about his internship:
- How the internship passed
- How difficult it was to pass tests and get appointment
- First impressions about his new team and about work in the company

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