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Digitization of the industrial giant reduced the time of product engineering design by one third and made it possible to enter new markets

Mechanical engineering
Digitization of the industrial giant reduced the time of product engineering design by one third and made it possible to enter new markets
scale11,000+ employees, 2,500+ userskpishorten the time of the product design
ProductR&DProject time1 year
year of briefcase2013geographyUkraine
IndustryMechanical engineeringcustomerZorya-Mashproekt Gas Turbine Research and Development Complex

Project objectives

Zorya-Mashproekt Gas Turbine Research and Development Complex is the Ukraine’s designer and manufacturer of marine and industrial gas turbine plants. The Enterprise consists of Mashproekt R&D Center and Zorya Serial Production Division.

Since the middle 1950s the Enterprise has been designing and producing marine gas turbine propulsion plants for displacement ships, hovercrafts, and hydrofoils. Zorya-Mashproekt has developed and produced unique reversible gas turbine plants which allow the ship to change immediately the direction of movement.

In the period from 2009 to 2012 enterprise doubled the output volumes, however, company planning to expand the business geography even more.

Typical requirements of modern customers in major international projects:

  • preparation of technical documentation in English;
  • transferring and subsequent maintenance (updating according to changes) of the documentation in electronic form.

In addition, in order to achieve its goals, the company needed to radically reduce the design time of new products.

Project description

The digital transformation of the design and technological service "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" covered all key business processes. It’s important for the new products design to manage the engineering design of production.

The most important step taken by the managers is the complete transition to electronic documents, from product design to manufacturing and delivery to the customer. This approach allowed to manage a large engineering enterprise almost in real time!

The manufacturing company that wanted to obtain new large contracts for the production of gas turbine products had to solve a number of technological issues. The technological design department of the enterprise, which employs about 600 designers and 150 process engineer, it was necessary to organize a short transition from the paper drawings preparation in Russian to the preparation of multi-language electronic technical documentation. To do this, it was necessary to build a repository of electronic documents, build processes of technical electronic workflow, resolve the issue of IT security and ensure the preparation and release of technical documentation in English.

This project became part of a more global initiative of the company management on digital transformation, which concerned not only the design service of the plant.


Electronic technical workflow

The technological design department of the enterprise is one of the biggest divisions of the plant. Its scale fully characterizes this indicator: the department on average produces 8-10 thousand drawings (brought to the letter A4 format) per month.

It was necessary to bring discipline to the design department before starting the project, as even the document's developer did not always know which version of the file corresponded to the paper original. Due to the different styles of preparation of drawings, there were difficulties in the general assembly department, which directly worked with the drawings. Despite the design in electronic form, the product specification had to be entered manually to the ERP-system. The considerable time losses led to the need to rebuild the 3D model for designing equipment for the main production.


To switch the technical documentation development to the electronic form, an electronic archive was created at the enterprise. It became the foundation of the engineering electronic document workflow (EEDW) system. Following the pilot use of a number of specialized solutions, the company decided to implement the EDA in the ERP-system IT-Enterprise, which by that time had already been implemented and closed some tasks of automation. A standard was issued at the enterprise, which established the status of the electronic original, the order of its issue, coordination, storage and change procedures.


Preparation of documentation in English

To get an engineering drawing in English, you can design in Russian and translate the final document in English. Company has chosen a solution that saved engineers a lot of time: in the ERP system IT-Enterprise implemented a module for automatic translation of specifications and information in foreign languages. Using this functionality, the company implemented bilingual templates for the preparation of documents.

Throughout 3-D-design allowed to significantly reduce the work time. So, the products engineering design in the company was accelerated by 40%.

Key project factors

30-40% acceleration of products engineering design


With successful implementation of the complex ERP system IT-Enterprise “Zorya” – “Mashproekt” successfully implemented a large-scale project of digital transformation, translated its technical documentation into electronic form and increased its competitiveness in the global market.

The product design is entirely conducted electronically. The IT-Enterprise system is widely used by designers and technologists in preparing and delivering almost all technical documentation. Archiving is carried out only through the IT-Enterprise. Established the document maintenance process for the electronic design documentation in English for the customers. Implemented about 10 archives of various purposes in IT-Enterprise, of which three are archives of approved documents.

After the designer entered the technical requirements, the bilingual specifications and drawings are formed automatically. A designer who does not know English can easily handle bilingual drawings.

Access to electronic documents stored in archives greatly simplified the design of new technological processes and equipment. It allowed company to switch to paperless technologies, except for finishing operations of assembly, when the drawings have to be on the workplaces in the shop.

The electronic archive, implemented in IT-Enterprise, is the foundation of the company engineering workflow. The system has a reliable version control of the stored electronic documents at all stages and in different statuses (project, working document and archive documents). Paper card files are no longer needed, and electronic copies in TIFF/PDF formats completely replaced the "tab". Great attention is paid to maintaining a high level of security: the flexible access rights separation to documents, as well as the statistics of work with documents provide an adequate level of protection.

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