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IT Enterprise took part in the largest Ukrainian festival of modern technologies Interpipe TechFest

IT Enterprise took part in the largest Ukrainian festival of modern technologies Interpipe TechFest

On September 15-16, Interpipe TechFest took place in Dnipro. This is a unique platform for demonstrating the achievements and future of Ukraine’s engineering for the third year in a row. The 2018 Festival is a meeting of leading enterprises in various industries and suppliers of advanced solutions with young specialists in engineering and technology. Guests of Interpipe TechFest could attend 11 thematic expositions, including: Space, Industry, Robotics, Technical Education, Chemical Experiments, DIY, Alternative Energy, Book Show, Board Games, InnoDnipro and the most popular area of ??experiments – Technical Fun Demo Zone. All the innovations and technologies could be tested. Special attention was drawn to the competition of models of ships and aircraft.

In the COSMOS exposition, the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, Yuzhmash, Khartron-Arkos and Elmis presented their developments. Space startups were exhibited next to large enterprises: Space Cossacks, Dnipro Sky Lab, Experimental Rocket Science Club and Semargl. Two days in the open air, they launched rockets and aircraft. In the space lounge, visitors had the opportunity to watch the launches of rockets of recent years.

Kharkiv Design Bureau took part in the festival for the first time. It is the main domestic developer of armored vehicles. Kharkiv brought a new Ukrainian armored personnel carrier BTR-4MV1. Leading aircraft designers Motor Sich and Ivchenko Progress presented the AI ??450 engine for the new Nadezhda helicopter.

Together with SmartEAM specialists, the IT-Enterprise team demonstrated an AR solution based on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.0 at its stand. IT-Enterprise is the first Google partner in the software development program for Google Glass, which received new generation glasses. At the stand, as part of Interpipe TechFest, we demonstrated the capabilities of the device, which, with the help of these glasses, allowed seeing the production parameters of the working equipment, recognizing and fixing defects as well as interacting with the equipment or assigning works using voice commands. The decision was appreciated by all visitors to the exhibition: from the head of large industrial enterprises to the younger mobile-active generation.

Much attention was given to the developments of young scientists. The best technical universities of Ukraine presented their developments at Interpipe TechFest. KPI and Odessa National Polytechnic University students designed racing cars, Chernigov NTU students showed electric car, NAU students brought drones of their own design. 16 universities of the country participated.

The tradition of the festival was engineering startups. The Ukrainian startup Emotion labs consisted of graduates of the National Mining University and the Kiev Polytechnic Institute implemented pressure measurement technology from the wrist, creating an EMwatch smart watch.

R&A design presented MOVEONE – the first Ukrainian scooter for adults, equipped with a one-click folding system. The compact model from Ukrainian developers allows traveling even in the subway. Developers from ARTKB showed the world's first voice mask Hushme for mobile phones. This mask will ensure the confidentiality of telephone conversations in an open space.

For the first time this year, the Dnipro Book Show took place. This is an exhibition and sale of popular science books. The publishing houses "Old Lion", "Morning", "Basics", and "Fountain of Tales" presented new items of popular science literature. Two presentations of the books "Microbot" by Oleg Chaklun and "Mission – space" by Leonid Kadenyuk took place.

The children were not ignored either: for them, Ukrbricks fans organized a large Lego-building of the Hogwarts magic school. Another 170 thousand cubes were brought to create the heroes of Marvel – Captain America, Iron Man and Wasp.

The Federation of automotive sport held spectacular battles of tank models and demonstration vehicles. The battle of warriors against the orcs from the Warhammer world created of 5500 paper warriors by the Dnieper scholar Yury Goncharov was impressive.

This year Interpipe TechFest gathered more than 150 organizations participating in the exhibition, 300 competitors in 7 technical disciplines, and over 30 speakers in the lecture hall. The record of Ukraine was also set – the largest model of industrial equipment made of cardboard.

IT-Enterprise thanks Interpipe for organizing this unique event and the opportunity to showcase its solutions to numerous festival visitors!