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IT-Enterprise meets Kenyan delegation on cooperation in IT sector

IT-Enterprise meets Kenyan delegation on cooperation in IT sector

Oleg Shcherbatenko, founder and CEO of IT-Enterprise, has met with a Kenyan delegation including representatives of the country’s trade, agricultural, economic and IT sectors.

The delegation had two key objectives: to establish and strengthen cooperation with Ukrainian IT and tech companies, which would help Kenyan businesses grow. Furthermore, the visit was intended as a clear sign of support for Ukraine. It is Kenya and other African countries that are currently experiencing all the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war resulting in food shortages.

“Even though Ukraine and Kenya have thousands of kilometers between them, we have felt the consequences of the war through rising food prices. I would like to emphasize that our country has been supporting Ukraine since the very first days, and our visit is a sign of our readiness to continue supporting and helping you,” said Gerald Masila, Executive Director/Board Secretary of the Eastern Africa Grain Council.

Mr. Masila was accompanied by the following members of the delegation: 

Jackson Karieri Maina — Senior ICT and Smart City Solutions Specialist and Technical Assistant to the CEO of Konza City. 

James Kitawi is the CEO of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry and represents the largest business community in Kenya.

Fred Moonen is an agricultural entrepreneur and advocate, owner of Farm with Fred, an agricultural organization that trains Kenyan farmers and helps them realize their potential.

Dr. Miriam W. Oiro Omolo is the Executive Director at the African Policy Research Institute, a highly respected Kenyan scientist and expert who seeks to establish partnerships with Ukrainian think tanks at the national and regional levels.

In recent years, Kenya has been deeply invested in technology projects, including technology parks, which made its stakeholders interested in Ukrainian developments in this area. Representatives of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry are looking for business development partners in areas such as e-government, e-health, agriculture, drone building, and IT to strengthen the competitiveness of their companies on domestic markets. To achieve this goal, they are looking to cooperate with IT-Enterprise.

Oleg Shcherbatenko, CEO of IT-Enterprise, thanked the Kenyan people for their support and acknowledged the courage of the delegation members, who had arrived in Ukraine during the war, despite the risk of missile attacks from Russia.

“A full-scale war is not only a problem for Ukraine. This is a matter that concerns all of us, the future of the entire world. Only by uniting together will we be able to give a worthy response to those who violate international law and manipulate other countries. The IT-Enterprise team is proud to partner with the Kenyan team. We plan to continue developing our international relations, creating new products and implementing innovation. This will help us to effectively solve problems and make Ukrainian innovations available all around the world,” said Oleg Shcherbatenko.

IT-Enterprise, a Ukrainian product company, has been driving the digitalization of key companies in Ukraine's basic industries for more than 35 years. Among the company's clients are Ukrposhta, Ukrzaliznytsia, Epicenter K, Interpipe, Ukrnafta, Biosphere, DTEK, APK-Invest, Olvia, Kovalska ICG, Kyivvodokanal, Comfy, Metro, and others.

Internationally, the company works with Ducab Group (UAE), Elsewedy Electric (Egypt), PGA Electric (Romania).

The company's founder and CEO Oleg Shcherbatenko is a staunch advocate of Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 solutions.