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Clobbi enters the markets of India and Africa

Cable and wire, metal production
Clobbi enters the markets of India and Africa

The Clobbi team completed the India-Africa business trip. The purpose of the trip was to conduct an examination of a number of cable plants and visit two major regional exhibitions.

The economy of Egypt is one of the largest in terms of turnover in the region of the Middle East and North Africa. Egypt is rich in oil and gas resources and plays an important role in the international energy market thanks to the Suez Canal. Particular attention is now focused on the development of alternative energy, as Egypt has many resources to replace traditional forms of energy production.

"How is Egypt interesting to us? This is one of the leaders of North Africa! Many people know Egypt as a tourist country, but it is far from it. This is a country with great production potential. Cairo and its agglomeration occupy almost a third of the country's population and actively invest in infrastructure projects," – Alexey Evsyukov, manager of work with international clients, says.

A survey on the business processes of the cable company shows that the choice of a system integrator is already made on the foundation of the construction of a new plant. The owners of the future industrial giant consider the digitization of production and management processes as an integral part of investment in production. The competition of IT solutions in the Egyptian market is huge. The vast majority of global manufacturers work in the region through a network of their representative offices, but they do not represent specialized solutions for the cable industry.

Industry 4.0 solutions from Clobbi: SmartFactory, DigitalTwins, CableEAM and CableDesigner with a production modeling and virtualization unit that allows creating DigitalTWINS of a new plant before constructing, modeling and predicting the entire production chain meet the investors' request.

At the exhibition North Africa – Electrix Egypt 2018 – the largest regional exhibition of the electrotechnical industry in Cairo – Clobbi confirmed the status of Industry 4.0 expert. Elextrix Egypt is one of the main regular industrial exhibitions, but the concept of Industry 4.0 is still new and represented only by individual solutions. Clobbi presented modern solutions based on Industry 4.0 technologies: IoT, IIoT, Big Data, DigitalTwins and Intelligent Enterprise.

"At Electrix Egypt, we talked with representatives of the leading cable companies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Almost everyone is equally aware that digital transformation (primarily production) is an opportunity to gain long-term competitive advantages. The cable market is low-margin, the struggle is for percent in the cost price! Clobbi Intelligent Enterprise Solutions for Cable & Wire solutions allow getting "extra points" by implementing the ideas of Industry 4.0. I am sure our solutions will be fundamental for the development of electrical engineering Industry of Egypt and North Africa," – Dmitry Shapovalov, CEO Clobbi, Intelligent Enterprise solution for Cable & Wire.

The Clobbi team has a lot of work to do, but the company has already confidently made itself known in North Africa.

The Indian economy has shown a V-shaped jump in the economy over the past few years. Large investments today are directed to infrastructure projects: the construction of canals, bridges, civil engineering, etc. Cable products are the only ones demanded by all other industry segments. It is difficult to overestimate the prospects for the development of the cable industry in the coming years in India. Today, India is rapidly gaining momentum and this confirms the level of Wire India 2018.

In India, the Ukrainian team visited several existing facilities for expert and consulting technology assessment. The issues of optimization and variability of cable production, waste planning and the correct order of work on insulation, workers' compliance with technological regimes, and connecting old DrumTwister to the control system, typical for any cable plant, did not lose their relevance here.
Based on the Clobbi.SmartFactory solution, the team presented a modern production process. Enterprises are already ready to implement the system in the latest configuration with IIoT and AR/VR technologies.

The 7th International Exhibition and Conference for the Wire & Cable Industry was held at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai on November 27-29, 2018.

The exhibition featured manufacturers of wire, cable, pipe and metallurgical industries. Local Indian producers and trendsetters from Italy, Austria, USA, China and Germany presented their ideas to the market.

Clobbi shared the experience of the digital business transformation (Intelligent Enterprise solution):

"India is interesting to us, first of all, by the market volume! After China, this is the second largest market for cable and wire products, wire and optics. During the weekly stay, we visited several cable plants, met with representatives of the relevant Ministry responsible for cable. According to the results, I want to note that India needs digitalization solutions based on Industry 4.0. It's nice that this is understood at the level of the state and private business. First of all, it is about such solutions as integration with equipment with the use of IIOT and quality control of processes and products (Clobbi.DigitalTwins). And this is natural: there are abundant capacities, there are orders, China is near, and to compete successfully, manufacturers need new approaches and methods. The Clobbi team is ready to provide these solutions!" – Dmitry Shapovalov summed up.

Examination of industrial enterprises in Africa and India proves that Clobbi is able not only to give a qualitative assessment and propose solutions, but also to successfully compete with local developers. The company's experience, world practice and reputation create favorable conditions for the approval of Clobbi in this part of the planet.

Cable and wire, metal production