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Internship Recruitment Announced for Future Software Developers, with Subsequent Employment

Internship Recruitment Announced for Future Software Developers, with Subsequent Employment

In IT-Enterprise opened admission in internship!

After successful completion of teaching, participants will be able to get a job and develop professionally at IT-Enterprise.
Selection for the internship is competitive, based on testing (SQL, C #) and interviews..
With successful results in the first stage of internship - a stipend is paid, in the second stage - salary. The best interns will become employees of IT-Enterprise and will be able to work on a flexible schedule, including in the territory of the training center (KPI building number 18, 1st floor).

The internship consists of 2 stages:

The first stage is the study of technologies and tools of the IT-Enterprise system.
The duration of the first stage is 100 hours, the beginning is January 8, 2019.

The second stage is the solution of design problems using the studied technologies.
The duration of the second stage is 240 hours. The salary at the second stage depends on the results of the first stage (teaching) and ranges from 5 000 to 10 000 UAH.

“I decided to go through an internship and try my hand still while studying at the university. When, if not at senior COURSEs of study, to make a choice and look for a friendly team in which harmony reigns, friendly atmosphere and - most importantly - constant development.
For me, IT-Enterprise then was a huge dream, because I was not confident in my abilities. I was very happy when I learned that there is an internship. At the end of the training there was an exam and the tasks were really difficult. But I did it - thanks to the knowledge and help that I received - both from the guys from the group and from the new friends from the company.
During the training we haved a friendly team with the guys, and with the teacher to now we meet to drink tead now from time to time .
Do not be afraid to take a chance and send an application for training. Go to your goal in small steps - and everything will work out! ”

Julia Krizhanovskaya, developer of the CRM system IT-Enterprise, 11 months in IT-Enterprise.

“The internship consisted of two stages. The goal of first was to get acquainted with the IT-Enterprise system. The second was more interesting and difficult. At this stage, interns are already engaged in real tasks in the team. A certain difficulty was the familiarization with the subject area, but colleagues are always ready to answer questions and help with advice. During the internship significantly increased my level of technical implementation. At the end of the internship received goals for further development. I am very glad that I am an employee of IT-Enterprise. "

Anton Doroshenko, developer, 3 months in IT-Enterprise.

Requirements for candidates for interns:

• technical education
• knowledge of SQL query language and C # programming language
• analytical mind, interest in the development of ERP-system and platform IT-Enterprise
• English at level Pre-Intermediate and above
• good communication skills
• ability to self-study
• teamwork skills

IT-Enterprise is a full-featured ERP, MRPII, MES, APS, EAM, SCM, CRM system, covering all aspects of the enterprise, as well as ensuring effective management of a group of enterprises. The IT-Enterprise system accumulates the experience of successful implementations in enterprises of various profiles.

The functional completeness of the system, the flexibility of customization and adaptation allow us to obtain an individual solution for each enterprise, to the maximum extent taking into account the peculiarities of its organization and activity. The IT-Enterprise team has been working in the information technology market since 1987. During this time, a great deal of experience has been gained in optimizing activity and introducing automated control systems in various industries, which makes it possible in a short time to carry out complex projects at a modern scientific and technical level.

We help build an effective company management system. We conduct reengineering and automation of business processes in all areas of the company: production, sales, procurement, finance, accounting, personnel, etc.

Our team consists of high-class specialists, system analysts, system designers, programmers and implementers.

Applications are accepted until 12/28/2018, inclusive, by reference.

Attention: the number of places is limited.