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A new opportunity for IT-Enterprise customers

A new opportunity for IT-Enterprise customers

We are pleased to announce the possibility of integrating your IT-Enterprise system with the SmartSign service

SmartSign is an innovative system for electronic document management of legally relevant documents between organizations. The main advantages of the service are a quick way to receive, qualified electronic signature, exchange and store documents in electronic form with the possibility of further viewing signed documents and information about signatories. There is no need to worry about integrating IT-Enterprise with the SmartSign service: this is done automatically on a single software platform.

SmartSign is:

  • Service for storing and working with documents in the cloud
  • Legally significant qualified electronic signature
  • Document sharing between organizations
  • Built-in document approval mechanism
  • Creation of documents through customized forms, connection with IT-Enterprise structured documents
  • Composite documents
  • WEB portal without the need to install third-party software
  • Self-learning mechanisms for recoding the nomenclature
  • Public API for working with third-party IT systems
  • Full integration with the IT-system out of the box

Contact, call 044-333-444-7, or click