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Oleg Scherbatenko, director of IT-Enterprise, was elected the new Chairman of the Board of AIAU

Oleg Scherbatenko, director of IT-Enterprise, was elected the new Chairman of the Board of AIAU

At the of APPAU meeting on February 5, Oleh Scherbatenko was elected Chairman of the Board.

"APPAU's function is to create an ecosystem for the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies in Ukraine. And therefore, to combine efforts not only of us as vendors of innovations, but also of universities, integrators, and consultants in order to jointly change Ukraine. APPAU is the only association of the country that systematically advances the concept of 4.0", – Oleg Scherbatenko gave the first comment on the post of Chairman of the Board.

IT-Enterprise has always played a leading role in APPAU and the general decision to lead the Board was a natural step.

"IT-Enterprise today is the core of the industry 4.0 ecosystem: we describe examples and cases of implementation and integration, share experience to accelerate the process of transformation of thinking towards digitization", – Oleg Viktorovich said.

Oleh Scherbatenko has already taken the first steps as Chairman of the Board: a series of productive meetings was devoted to increasing the number of AIAU participants to strengthen the Association's influence in Ukraine.

IT-Enterprise director pays special attention to education: "University-based Industry 4.0 centers are research centers that produce new solutions in Industry 4.0. In Ukraine, they already exist in Odessa and Kharkov. We are working to create a center for Industry 4.0 in the capital based on the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute."

General director of APPAU, Alexander Yurchak, gave commentary to the role of the Board and the election of a new chairman: "With the growing number of APPAU members as well as our influence on the processes of innovation development in Industry 4.0, we are facing more and more challenges of a strategic nature. The Executive Directorate is not able to solve such issues as the all-Ukrainian development of Industry 4.0, or the issue of cooperation with government structures, or export and standardization, and especially in terms of financial constraints. More engagement of our advanced members, their curatorial work in individual areas are needed. I sincerely welcome the election of Oleg Viktorovich Scherbatenko to the post of Chairman of the Board. IT-Enterprise is one of the most active members of the Association for the promotion of technologies 4.0 and we rightly consider them the leader of the movement 4.0 in the category of IT developers and integrators. In this sense, it is recognition of the merits of the entire company in our community. But, of course, this is also the personal and managerial qualities of Oleg Viktorovich, who is sincerely devoted to the ideas of collective development."

The Board of this year also included: Genadiy Kabalsky (Techinservice), Serhiy Chuprikov (Metinvest Digital), Andriy Maksimets (Phoenix Contact), Valentyna Adamenko (Rittal), Ivan Kulchytsky (European Innovation Agency), Alexander Yurchak (AIAU), Maxim Romanov (AIAU), and 1 place is left for a university representative.

The new APPAU Board will meet quarterly to resolve strategic development issues. At the 1st meeting, the 5 main development vectors for 2019 were outlined:

· Full synchronization with Strategies 4.0 projects: support and implementation of projects.
· Implementation of innovative potential in new formats: the systemic launch of tools: sectoral Hackathons, Incubators-Accelerators and Marketplace.
· The full realization of the potential of the internal synergy of APPAU.
· Strengthening the position of the Association members as ideological leaders in their segments.
· The growing capacity of APPAU to carry out a large number of development projects.