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The XXV IT-Enterprise Business Forum "Industry 4.0 – The Future is Now" has opened a new era of IT solutions

The XXV IT-Enterprise Business Forum "Industry 4.0 – The Future is Now" has opened a new era of IT solutions

The XXV IT-Enterprise Business Forum "Industry 4.0 – The Future is Now" has opened a new era of IT solutions for the country's industrial market. Annual achievements of IT-Enterprise allow speaking of the company as the leader of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine.

The annual IT-Enterprise Forum, where business representatives can discuss the problems of digital transformation and share the experience of innovative projects, has become a good tradition of October. Every year IT-Enterprise gathers a community of like-minded people to present joint achievements, plans and new solutions. Directors and top managers of the largest enterprises of all sectors of the economy share their experience in implementing IT-Enterprise solutions, accessing to international markets and new system requests.

The number of guests of the Forum this year was almost doubled. The key message of Forum 2019 was Ecosystem 4.0. Customers shared the success of applying global IT trends for industry. It is noteworthy that IT-Enterprise had already offered them to the market. It was about augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), industrial Internet of things (IIOT), virtualization of production processes with Google Glass Enterprise Edition and much more. All this was a novelty just a year ago. However, already in 2018, companies cannot compete without these technologies in the international market.

The era of Industry 4.0 is the time of integrated solutions to accelerate all business processes and customer-oriented approach. For many years, IT-Enterprise provides customers with an integrated ERP-system, which today has no analogues in the Ukrainian market and competes with a few ones in the world. The key feature of the system is that instead of individual solutions and separated startups, it accommodates the entire cycle of automating business processes. Therefore, IT-Enterprise is already more than an ERP-system. This is Digital Core Industry 4.0 in Ukraine.

Companies that are already working with IT-Enterprise solutions have reached the same conclusion. Nikolay Cherkhavy, the head of the commercial policy department of the Ukrspirt state enterprise, spoke about digital transformation, creating transparent working conditions and, as a result, increasing efficiency indicators due to the implementation of the IT-Enterprise system.

Denis Morozov, CFO INTERPIPE, showed a case of how digital technologies stood guard over a new customer-oriented enterprise strategy. Today INTERPIPE is in the top five global pipe manufacturers in the EU and US markets with an order fulfillment accuracy of over 90%. In 2013, the company suffered a significant reduction in sales. With the help of implemented IT solutions for production process management and patient work on personnel training, the company offered the client a new level of service and changed the negative trend to sustainable growth and the confident future.

There was another unique case from Evgeny Didichenko, director of the KNESS RnD Center. KNESS specializes in traditional and renewable energy. Ukraine is now leading in Europe in terms of the development of solar energy. Health Inspection Services in general and KNESS experience in particular are a vivid example of the use of exponential technologies provided by IT-Enterprise.

The Forum was attended by leading experts of IT-Enterprise, SmartTender, SmartFactory, SmartEAM, SmartManager and MASTER.

The guests heard cases on digital production modeling using Digital Twins, changing bandwidth, creating work centers, optimizing structures; production control (IIOT), production process visualization (AR/VR), APS technology online, allowing optimal production planning, optimal equipment planning and control. Particular mention should go to the decision on Predictive Maintenance, which allows carrying out full monitoring of the state of all units of the enterprise and preventing emergency failure of equipment in advance without disrupting the workflow, efficiency and timing.

Smart Tender, the leader of commercial trading in Ukraine, deserves special attention. Alexey Shcherbatenko, head of the Smart Tender team, presented the integration cases of the IT-Enterprise platform and Smart Tender, which allows to automatically place the offer on the Smart Tender platform, and the latter, in turn, sends contacts as leads to the IT-enterprise system.

There was a talk about about Digital Transformation for SMB accounting and the state sector of Ukraine, new technologies of financial management and personnel management, a system of electronic staff training and continuous testing of employees' knowledge. It is worth noting that all IT-Enterprise solutions guarantee the highest level of data security.

The presentation of SmartSign marked the Digital-transformation of legally significant document flow. Now all the contragents can sign documents among themselves in one system. SmartSign complies with the new Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Trust Services". It came into force on November 7 of the current year and was unified with the EU eIDAS Regulation.

An important component of the forum was the opportunity to test all new solutions right in the hall. Exposon included all the most modern technologies discussed from the stage.

Attention of the Second technological day of the Forum was paid to new solutions of the IT-Enterprise system: transformation of the project management of the enterprise, project management in the unified IT-Enterprise.ProjectManagement digital environment, transformation of the enterprise business models, and independent creation of augmented and virtual reality. IT-Enterprise provided the opportunity to create an application and put it on one’s own platform, similar to Google Play and the App Store.

WEB has become the standard for corporate applications, replacing the "thin client". Interfaces of systems have changed according to the new "tiles", familiar to the modern user. IT-Enterprise has also moved from a multi-server architecture to a multi-base one. The concept of manufacturing services has become one of the most discussed on the forum – this is high-tech in Industry 4.0.

Without a doubt, IT-Enterprise is Digital Core Industry 4.0 in Ukraine. And Industry 4.0 is already in Ukraine. Not tomorrow and not in Europe or the USA. Already, the country's largest factories are introducing IT solutions and successfully entering the world market. These are companies that do not agree to live the old way and decide to make a serious step in development. Now this step is not a risk and not an advantage – it is the condition of a competitive enterprise.

It is worth saying that the audience listened attentively and interestedly to all the reports, despite the fact that most of the guests had already implemented the IT-Enterprise system in their enterprises. Once having reached a high level thanks to IT, the manager wants to accelerate, try new things, and enter new markets. For this, trend solutions that are competitive in the international arena are needed.

IT-Enterprise was glad to receive its guests and show uniquely important decisions not only for Ukraine, but also for the global economy. IT-Enterprise is accelerating noticeably every year, growing and looking for new interesting IT-opportunities for its customers. Today, it is no longer just a company, it is part of the digital transformation ecosystem that creates the future of Ukraine.