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26th IT-Enterprise WEB Forum

26th IT-Enterprise WEB Forum

This year's forum dedicated to the functionalities of the new version was held online, which allowed the organizers not to limit the number of participants. Not only the clients and partners of IT-Enterprise, but also all interested persons were able to learn about new features in the usual processes and the world trends implemented in the system.

Among the key topics were:
Digital Core by IT-Enterprise 2020 - digital transformation platform for companies
IT-Enterprise.SmartFactory 2020 - digital transformation platform for manufacturing enterprises
IT-Enterprise.ML (Machine Learning) & AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2020
IFRS Accounting and Budget Management in IT-Enterprise 2020
Air/Fly BPM by IT-Enterprise 2020 - easy management of business processes and operations. NoCoding/LowCoding
IT.PredictiveMaintenance & Support - IT-Enterprise system maintenance

Coming soon: IT-Enterprise 2020 Updates. Follow our news!