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Business processes reengineering and automation

At the second stage, the IT-Enterprise system is being implemented at the Customer's enterprise. The methodology of the project is detailed in the document "Statute of the project", which is approved at the signing of the contract for the delivery and implementation of the system.

The implementation project is divided into several time queues and several subprojects on a functional basis. In each queue, several IT-Enterprise system modules are implemented that form the complete control loop.

Implementation of each IT-Enterprise system time queue consists of the following steps:

  • Supply and installation of the system
  • Training the project team
  • Modeling the system
  • Configuration and experimental operation
  • Introduction to industrial exploitation.

At the stage of supply  and installation of the system, carried out the preparation of the software complex (distribution generation) and its installation at the customer's enterprise.

During the training phase of the project team, training of the customer staff is provided under a typical program for each IT-Enterprise module (module capabilities, configuration options, module setup procedure, core module operation skills), as well as mandatory training for project management skills in accordance with the provisions of the "Charter of the project".

At the stage of the system modeling the basic business processes of the enterprise that are implemented in the system are formalized. For this purpose a series of working meetings is organized, which document the current state of the business processes of the enterprise (the model "as is"), issues of current business processes, future business processes (model "to be"), technological aspects of the implementation of new business processes in the IT-Enterprise system. The recommendations for optimizing business processes are being presented and the business process models is "as it should be" are approved.

During the configuration and operation testing phase:

  • business management system is configured according to approved business processes and tested under a control example
  • enterprise personnel is trained under the control examples
  • working instructions for end users are developed
  • problems identified during the operation testing under the control sample are documented
  • the boundaries and volumes of system configuration and adjustment are determined
  • criteria for completion of the operation testing stage are approved.

At the stage of commissioning the system into an operation, enterprise is switching to the use of new business processes based on real data. Users of the system are supported by the implementation teams of the Customer and Contractor.

This implementation method has been tested on hundreds of enterprises in various industries and proved to be effective.

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