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Enterprise  express diagnostics

ERP implementation begins with a professional assessment of the current customer management system. The first step is the Express Diagnostics of the customer-oriented company. To do this, an agreement is signed, where enunciated the specifics of express diagnostics, the costs, and procedure of the work, the responsibility of the parties, and deadlines. The contract is accompanied by a schedule and a statement of work for conducting diagnostics.

The schedule lists the specifics of automation, the specialists of the enterprise, who should participate in the diagnostics, and indicative areas for analysis. At the stage of carrying out works on express diagnostics, additional questions could be raised so that in the future the management system could solve the tasks of the Customer.

  • "Initial meeting" stage

    At the first meeting, representatives of our company tell us how diagnostics will be implemented. They explain that no confidential information is required for the implementation, no specific figures are required (only approximate estimates, such as the number of documents passed around the enterprise, may be required). It is important to understand that the purpose of diagnostics is to determine the level of automation of production, and not to check how effectively the employees of the enterprise work.

  • Diagnostics stage
    The sequence of diagnostics implementation can vary depending on the specifics of the enterprise. On average, the diagnostics of one direction of automation takes from 2 to 5 hours, so to carry out all the work it takes 2-3 days. During the diagnostics process, the owner of the automated business process (for example, the CFO) and a leading specialist who can clarify some deeper questions of the business process must participate by the Customer.

    It is pre-design, top-level diagnostics. Its main task is to identify areas of the digital transformation of the enterprise that could give the maximal effect at the least cost.
  • Reporting stage

    Upon completion of the Diagnostics stage, the customer receives a presentation-report, that summarizes the analysis of the current level of enterprise management systems, provides recommendations for changes to achieve the best results of operating activities. Recommendations provided by specialists with extensive experience in implementing automated control systems. All our specialists regularly participate in international exhibitions and training seminars in order to increase their professional level and to find the most up-to-date technological solutions for our customers.

    Thus, as a result of express diagnostics, the customer receives a report containing a commercial proposal and a general implementation methodology.


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