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Briefing in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Digital transformations in the maritime industry.

Briefing in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Digital transformations in the maritime industry.

On Friday, August 17, 2018, a briefing on the topic "Cybersecurity and digital transformation projects in the maritime industry" was held at the Ministry of Infrastructure. The main topic of the briefing was the completion of the E-PORT project, developed by IT-Enterprise for the Stevedoring Company "Olvia" state-owned enterprise.

The representative of the public organization "E-Ukraine" Yevgeny Stefanyuk noted that the E-PORT system implemented at the SE Stevedoring Company "Olvia" was not just a project, but also a product that was already working. Its introduction became possible thanks to the trilateral cooperation of the Ministry of Infrastructure, NGO "E-Ukraine", and the IT-Enterprise company.

The head of the SE Stevedoring Company "Olvia" told about the history and achievements of the project on the implementation of the E-PORT system. The work on the project began in 2015. The first step was the diagnostics of the enterprise. Upon its completion, the management made a decision on the implementation of an integrated information system in the enterprise, which would combine all processes in a single information space.

The IT-Enterprise's E-PORT system allowed the following:

  • Maintaining e-procurement. In addition to savings, management was able to form a single database of applications and track information on each purchase, cargo or customer.
  • Introducing electronic document management. All documents of the company were transferred to the electronic format – from warehouse and procurement accounting to internal correspondence. The time for registration and transfer of documents was reduced by 35%.
  • Creating a single electronic enterprise management system. All data on the activities of the enterprise became available for management at any time, as a result of which management capabilities were significantly increased.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the company's employees and IT-specialists, before the introduction of the system, all the company's business processes were studied. As a result, the technical task was edited and the team was trained. When the project was launched, the transition to using E-PORT took place smoothly, without panic and risks.

There was an IT-Enterprise representative at the briefing – project manager Roman Yavorsky. He indicated the benefits that the E-PORT system provided for the SE Stevedoring Company "Olvia": an administration office, electronic document management, integration of document management with Ukrzaliznytsia OJSC, and a business analytics module for efficient enterprise management. He also noted that it was necessary not only to develop in the area of accounting for material resources, but also to analyze and implement global trends. Among these, there may be the use of VR technologies for instant assessment and analysis of cargo, their contents and route, as well as the use of a forecast service system to save money in order to avoid port equipment failure. Such technologies are already widely used in Ukrainian enterprises thanks to the support of IT-Enterprise, which allows such enterprises to significantly improve their performance indicators.

However, the main thing was that the implementation of the E-PORT system was highly appreciated by the state. Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan noted that IT-solutions were key in the activities of the country. They could significantly save time and simplify procedures. The experience gained at the SE Stevedoring Company "Olvia" will necessarily be transferred to the ports of Odessa and Nikolayev. By the end of the year, pilot projects on the implementation of the system will be launched in these ports.