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Manufacturing Execution System, MES

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a specialized system designed for solving problems of synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of production. The abbreviation MES is sometimes spelled out as manufacturing enterprise solutions; this term applies to all automated systems focused on production management tasks. However, sometimes the term MES denotes a set of functions of an automated system, used for the operational management of production only at the shop level.

In 1994, the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA International) defined the MESA-11 model. In 2004, it defined the c-MES model, which complemented the models and standards of production management and production activities.MES systems perform the following functions:

  1. RAS (resource allocation and status).
  2. ODS (operations/detail scheduling).
  3. DPU (dispatching production units).
  4. DOC (document control).
  5. DCA (data collection/acquisition).
  6. LM (labor-management).
  7. (quality management).
  8. PM (process management).
  9. MM (maintenance management).
  10. PTG (product tracking and genealogy).
  11. PA (performance analysis).

Now many companies use the MRP II system that allows planning the needs of the enterprise for all production resources (materials, raw materials, components, equipment, personnel, etc.), quickly adjusting plans and production targets. However, sometimes there is a need for information that the MRP II system is not able to provide. For example, it is not able to track the movement of parts along a conveyor or the quality of raw materials and finished products. In such cases, MRP II systems are integrated with MES systems, which allow, along with other functions, real-time tracking the level of machine load, moving materials, parts and components and controlling their quality. It is believed that the MES system, designed to solve the operational tasks of managing planning, production and marketing, occupies the intermediate position between automated enterprise control systems and automated process control systems in terms of domestic terminology.

As part of the IT-Enterprise system, the MES product provides for the operational management of production processes, synchronization, coordination, analysis and control of product output.

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