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Manufacturing Resource Planning, MRP II

MRP II (manufacturing resource planning) is a methodology for detailed production planning of an enterprise. Its main component is the MRP system (material requirements planning). Unlike MRP, the MRP II system allows planning the needs of the enterprise not only for materials, but for all production resources (materials, raw materials, components, equipment, and personnel), keeping count of orders, planning production capacity and production costs, simulating production, keeping its count, planning run-out production, quickly adjusting plans and production targets, etc.

The ERP system is considered the next step forward in the development of MRP II.

The MRP/ERP standards are supported by the American production and inventory control society (APICS). Published in APICS in 1989, the MRP II Standard System contains 16 groups of functions that the MRP II system should perform:

  • sales and operation planning;
  • demand management;
  • master production scheduling;
  • material requirements planning;
  • bill of materials;
  • inventory transaction subsystem;
  • scheduled receipts subsystem;
  • shop flow control;
  • capacity requirement planning;
  • input/output control;
  • purchasing;
  • distribution resource planning;
  • tooling planning and control;
  • financial planning;
  • simulation;
  • performance measurement.

The product "Orders management and volume production planning" of the IT-Enterprise system is based on the global MRPII production management standard and implements four-level production planning (S&OP, MPS, MRP, APS).

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