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Product Data Management, PDM

PDM is a product data management system. The data means all the information about the product: design data, technological routes, results of technical tests, data on batches and individual copies, and many other documents.

The product means, as a rule, some kind of high-tech products (automobiles, ships, airplanes, etc.) in the design, production, operation, and utilization of which it is necessary to process and control large volumes of engineering and technical data.

PDM systems use several technologies:

  • EDM (Engineering Data Management).
  • PIM (Product Information Management).
  • TDM (Technical Data Management).
  • TIM (Technical Information Management).
  • Managing images and documents, manipulating information related to the product.

The main functional capabilities of PDM systems cover the following areas:

  • the management of data storage and documents;
  • process and workflow management;
  • product structure management;
  • automating the generation of samples and reports;
  • authorization mechanism.

PDM systems provide the data necessary for the correct operation of MRP (material requirements planning) and CRP systems (capacity requirements planning), which are often integrated into larger MRP II production resources planning systems.
PDM systems are an integral part of PLM systems because they accumulate the data necessary not only at the stages of design and production but also at the stages of its operation and utilization.

Unlike traditional databases, PDM systems can accumulate data of any format and type: text documents, geometric models, the data needed for automatic production lines, CNC machines, etc. There can be so much data that it can be used as a "digital layout" of the product.

The PDM system can be integrated with existing CAD systems at the enterprise. This will significantly increase the efficiency of their use. This happens due to the fact that after integration, it becomes possible to organize work on the project in multi-user mode, to exchange information between developers (possibly in different places) in real-time. At the same time, in order to avoid unauthorized modification of documents, different access modes are provided to different users.

PDM-system also allows creating standardized reports on the characteristics of the product, its parts, materials used, and all life cycle stages of the product, from design to utilization.

The IT-Enterprise.PDM solution provides effective management of product information at all stages: from design to production.

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