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Total Productive Maintenance, TPM

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a concept for managing production equipment aimed at increasing the efficiency of maintenance.

The definition of "total" refers not only to productive and economical maintenance but also to the entire system of effective maintenance of the equipment during its service life, as well as the inclusion of each individual employee and various departments in this process by engaging in maintenance directly working on the equipment.

In 1989, a detailed definition of TPM was made, consisting of five points:

  • The goal of TPM is to create an enterprise that constantly strives for the ultimate and comprehensive improvement of the efficiency of the production system.
  • A means of achieving the goal is the creation of a mechanism that, directly covering workplaces, is focused on preventing all types of losses (zero accidents, zero breakdowns, zero defects, etc.) throughout the entire life cycle of the production system.
  • To achieve the goal, all departments are involved: design, commercial, managerial, but above all production.
  • All staff participates in achieving the goal: from the top manager to the employee of the "first line".
  • The desire to achieve zero losses is realized in the framework of the activities of hierarchically related small groups, in which all employees are combined.

The TPM approach is an element of lean manufacturing. The main distinguishing feature of this concept is the constant desire to eliminate all types of losses. Accordingly, the goal of TPM implementation is the elimination of the following losses:

  • equipment failure;
  • high set-up and adjustment time;
  • idling and minor faults;
  • reducing the speed of the equipment;
  • release of defective parts;
  • loss of commissioning equipment.

The concept of TPM can be considered an analog of the philosophy of total quality management (TQM) in relation to maintenance and repair. The TPM system involves the creation of a kind of alliance between the repair and production units, the goals of which sometimes contradict each other. TPM is a system that provides the ideal combination of efficient production capacity use and the cost of maintaining it in working conditions by reducing breakdowns and downtime, as well as increasing productivity and improving equipment.

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