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Warehouse Management System, WMS

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a common definition of software and hardware systems that allow automating, optimizing warehouse operations, and improving the manageability of warehousing and business in general.

All business processes performed in the warehouse (accounting of goods, their storage and movement, collection of orders, preparation of sets for shipment, inventory, etc.) with an insufficient level of automation lose controllability. The larger the warehouse and the wider the range of goods, the less efficient the manual control, the higher the likelihood of errors, delays, and losses.

Classification of WMS systems:

  • Entry-level systems (warehouses of small companies, shops with a small nomenclature, etc).
  • Boxed warehouse management systems (warehouses with an area of 1000–10 000 m² with a large range, but a low turnover).
  • Adaptable systems (large logistics companies, distribution centers, warehouses of more than 5000 m², etc.).
  • Configurable systems (warehouses over 5000 m² with a large range and high turnover).

The introduction of the WMS system allows you to:

  • organize rational placement and storage of products;
  • ensure effective management of receiving and shipment of goods, accelerate the formation of batches of goods, eliminate errors in the preparation of shipments, etc.;
  • simplify the implementation of all functions, eliminate inefficient paper handling, etc.;
  • improve the quality and controllability of the warehouse staff;
  • speed up and simplify the receipt of information on the quantity and location of goods;
  • optimize the use of storage space;
  • ensure effective management of goods with a limited shelf-life;
  • minimize inventory work.

Implementing a warehouse management system makes economic sense wherever storage, accounting, and movement of any storage units (goods, mailings, archival data, etc) are carried out. As practice shows, the use of WMS makes sense not only in large logistics centers but also in relatively small warehouses, distribution centers, archives, at work, etc. Regardless of the scale of storage, automation leads to a significant reduction in time and cost.

In ERP IT-Enterprise, WMS-class products are included in the two solutions: "Sales" (Warehouse Management System (WMS)) and "Procurement and Logistics" (Warehouse Management System).


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