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Business processes management

Effective business process management is important for any company today. Most enterprises have analyzed and optimized their business processes and have already automated the most important areas of their activities, from production management to HR management. In these tasks, "Business Processes Designer", integrated into the IT-Enterprise system, is an indispensable assistant. It can easily build and configure any business process.

Today, many businesses are not happy with just being able to build business processes. They understand that they have to effectively manage business processes. To manage all business processes of the company, as well as tasks, cases, and projects, SmartManager is assigned. The use of SmartManager opens the advanced BPM capabilities. Using SmartManager in conjunction with the Business Process Management concept, you get a full-featured solution for a BPM-based enterprise. Application SmartManager allows you to achieve complete control of all tasks and resources of the company in a single application.

With SmartManager, documents, files, links, and other electronic content are always at your fingertips. You can quickly find and use them to solve current tasks. With SmartManager, you always stay in touch and get access to the necessary information from any device — a laptop, tablet, mobile phone. In this way, operative management of the teamwork of the company is ensured. Communication tools: instant messaging and e-mail greatly improves the quality of communication and awareness of team members.

Data analysis tools allow monitoring and dispatching of all ongoing processes. Thanks to SmartManager, you are always up to date with the current state tasks, and you can manage changes in a timely and flexible way by reacting promptly to events. All these aspects can significantly accelerate the processes and objectives fulfillment.

SmartManager can be used to manage a variety of processes at an enterprise:

  • Engineering design management — SmartManager prepares and coordinates all technical documentation.
  • Management of production tasks — planning and control of the tasks in the production.
  • Contractual management — includes the entire cycle of work from the drafting of the contract, all the phases of its approval, and subsequent implementation.
  • Project management — entirely based on the SmartManager. With  SmartManager, monitor and execute operational work within the project.

The full-featured web-client SmartManager has a full set of functions and is visually very similar to the mobile native application: it is simple and intuitive to any user. Therefore, any employee of the company will be able to easily start working with SmartManager and quickly master its capabilities.

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