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Dashboard Designer

Dashboard Designer in the IT-Enterprise system is intended for graphical visualization of grids and creation of dashboards.

Business intelligence tools are used to make informed decisions, reduce costs and find new prospects for business development. Business Intelligence is a collection of knowledge about the business generated using various hardware and software technologies. Such technologies enable organizations to turn data into information, information into knowledge.

Using modern business analysis tools, enterprise executives can independently analyze the data without waiting for the IT department to formulate complicated reports. Efficiency and ease of access to information give employees the opportunity to back up their business decisions in real numbers rather than based on intuition.

By studying the available data, employees can find new patterns, create informative graphic materials and work together on new ideas. With the help of business analytics tools you will be able to:

  • See the general situation. All important data is presented in a visual way, so users quickly get into their essence. Detecting key interconnections, you can find unknown patterns, thereby opening up hidden opportunities.
  • It is easier to understand the data due to their visualization. Visual graphic elements help you quickly understand the nature of the data. Interactive visualization tools represent the results of the analysis in a clear way.

The designer of dashboards in the system IT-Enterprise is intended for graphical visualization of grid and creation of dashboards. It allows you to create and modify your own interactive reports and dashboards that can be based on multiple data sources simultaneously.

Information panels (dashboards) are intended for a clear display of the current state, historical trends, as well as key indicators of the enterprise. Dashboards can be both static and dynamic.

Presenting information in the form of a dashboard is based on the technologies of the world leader in the development of DevExpress, and is available for use in the IT-Enterprise, starting with the 2016 version. The dashboard system can be used both in Windows-client, in the Web-client, as well as in Web widgets.

The dashboard system works with data that it receives directly from the IT-Enterprise database, there is no need to use additional programming language or information processing tools to obtain data. The implemented system for displaying information in a dashboard is designed to work with an average number of data or with the results of previous calculations.

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