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Query Designer

Query designer allows the end user to clear describe the parameters of an arbitrary data sample. The user receives requested data in accordance with his access rights. Simple reports come up with just a few keystrokes. For a qualified user there is no limit to the complexity of the report to be generated.

The designer is built into all user operation modes. With this approach, user can receive any data sample from the database in accordance with his access rights. The system provides different criteria for the information selection - by the expressions over the fields of the current table, by the expressions over the fields of related tables, by the calculated expressions, by the results of subqueries. All previously composed requests are automatically stored in a hierarchical archive and can be reused in a parametric form.

For dropping the already selected data, "fast filters" are used. Over the data columns in the standard table view, you can enter any values ​​or expressions in the usual syntax of Internet search engines (Google) - the data in the table will be filtered.

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