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Business process designer

For effective management of the enterprise, it is necessary to control its business processes and information flows (documents). Business Process Designer implements advanced manageability of business processes and document flows, supporting the concept of "Document flow within ERP" and "Business processes within ERP".

The designer of business processes formalizes arbitrary business processes of the enterprise and stages the processing of universal documents. The arbitrary end-to-end business process combines the role of interrelated actions and tasks of the company's staff, performed in different modules and functions of a comprehensive ERP system, document management of various documents to support the activity of the enterprise and achieve certain goals.

An arbitrary (universal) document is a set of data of the IT-Enterprise system, combined according to certain characteristics.

Business process modeling and management and control are performed directly in IT-Enterprise. BPMN 2.0 notation is used to visualize business processes, which is a de facto world standard.

The designer allows you to describe top-level business processes, as well as decompose them into subprocesses. Child subprocesses, in turn, can be divided into several child subprocesses of the 2nd level and so on. In each process, roles, stages, transitions between stages, conditional transitions, copiers (duplicators), staplers (connectors), documents, notes, etc. are specified.

At each level of detail, tools are provided to manage and control the passage of a copy of the business process along the route. Each employee sees a hierarchical list of their documents - instances of business processes at different levels, which are at the stage owned by the user. Document processing, coordination, approval, calculations, formation of other documents - this is an action that provides the ability to translate documents to the next stage. Thus, the employee monitors the performance of their duties and automatically transfers the need for further processing of the document to the next stage, another employee. At the top level, the manager monitors and manages the progress of business processes in their area of ​​responsibility.

The designer allows you to organize any stage of processing of all data. Routes of flows and passing of stages, conditions of transitions and sighting, various access rights are applicable to any rows of any data tables.

The stages of its life are determined for the document. The route of movement of the document is described by an arbitrary graph with stages-vertices, subprocesses, splitters of movement and conditions of transitions between stages. The route of each document can be dynamically changed by the user if there are sufficient rights. Translation from stage to stage occurs when a given condition is met. The movement of documents in stages is carried out both forward and backward. The document cannot be transferred to the next stage until all the necessary services of the enterprise do not deliver it. All functionality is implemented without programming.

Designing business processes and document flows in the IT-Enterprise system is implemented in a visual editor.

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